World’s number 1 chatting platform has a lot more to offer than it shows. Soon, you’ll get to know about 6 hidden features of WhatsApp, which you would not be knowing.

WhatsApp Unknown Hidden Features

Read Receipts Hack

Whenever you send a message to someone you get a double tick on the message indicating that the message is delivered, which is followed by a blue tick when the message is read by the receiver. Whatsapp provides a feature of turning off the read receipts option with which nither you will see a blue tick nor the other person.

This feature can be annoying sometimes when the other person is ignoring you, he/she will read your message and you will be confused if the message is read or not.

So, this trick can be dissolved by a very simple method. To know how to disable read receipts feature follow:-

Disable Read Receipts


Now if your friend has read receipts disabled and you cannot see a blue tick even after he/she has read your messages. Follow these simple steps:-

Record A Message Using the WhatsApp Mic & send it. You Are Done.

Yes, it is that simple, now when your friend will listen to your voice note you will get a blue tick.

Voice Messages


Earpiece Voice Message

It happens many-a-times when you get bored typing and start recording messages to continue the chat. Now, consider if you are in a public place and you want to hear a private voice message, you don’t want others to listen to that message and you lag earphones too. Then guess what? still, there is an option through which you can listen to your message privately. Just follow the steps:-

Play the message and lift your phone to your ears. The sensors would activate and the sound would come through the earpiece automatically.


Listening To Recorded Voice Message

Another problem occurs in message chatting, that is, you don’t get to listen to your recorded message first. When you have recorded along 2-4 minutes message you desire to listen to it yourself first instead of sending it and then listening to it. So, the hack for this problem is also really very simple:-

While recording your message simply swipe up to the lock. When you are done instead of sending the message, simply press the back button on your phone. Return to that person’s chat and you can play the audio and listen to it before sending it!


Customizing Images Or Status

Everyone loves to add status and sending customised images to their loved ones! Now the best part is that you can easily do simple and basic editing of your images, gifs, videos with WhatsApp itself. Like for example adding customized text, changing colours of emojis, drawing great stuff and some cool animations.


Changing Colour Of Emoji

Suppose you want to update status with lots of emojis or some emojis, you can change their colours very easily by following the below:-

Select your desired emoji >> Slide the colour bar on the right side & get your desired colour


Changing Thickness Of Pencil

If you want to draw something or write something with a pencil provided in the edit window of WhatsApp, you can increase or decrease the thickness of the pencil.

Select the pencil >> Select The Desired Colour From The Colour Bar >> Swipe Towards Left While Holding The Colour From The Colour Bar For Thicker Pencil >> Swipe Towards Right For Less Thickness


Change The Font Style

During editing WhatsApp provides a very boring font style when it comes to using text option. But WhatsApp has given a hidden feature to change the text style. Making the update look very attractive.

Type In Your Desired Text >> Swipe To Left While Holding The Colour Bar >> Get New Font Styles

So, this wraps up with all the hidden features of WhatsApp, due to which now your user experience with WhatsApp will increase and you will enjoy using the application more.




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    Good info.
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