WhatsApp is the most used chatting platform all over the world. It was founded on 24 February 2009 by Jan Koum & Brian Acton. They wanted to create something through which people can easily connect and communicate. They have successfully completed this and the WhatsApp offers a lot features. But still there are many interesting hidden features that it has to offer and most the people are unaware of them, so let us see some of them ahead in the blog and grabsomeinfo!

WhatsApp Top 6 Hidden Features You Should Know!

Write Bold

Did you know you could write your WhatsApp content in Bold! Yes, that’s true that option is available for you to use, but guess what it is hidden. There is no specific option for doing that but if you follow the following way you can Write Bold. 

Extremely easy! Just insert your desired text in “*” star symbol.

Like for example you gotta type “Hello”. Then write *Hello* and it would become Hello. 

It is a must try feature and you must definitely go and give it a shot and is a very helpful feature when it comes to highlighting some specific content. So Write Bold.

WhatsApp Top 6 Hidden Features You Should Know!

Write-In Italics

Another interesting feature comes out which is italics. When it comes to typing a message to your loved one the most stylish way is by using the italic typographical emphasis! Italics gives a very premium look to the text. Now the question is how? To Do This!

No rocket science just insert your desired text in “_” underscore symbol.

Like for example if you need to say “I Love You”.

Then just go ahead and write _I Love You_ it would become I Love You.

WhatsApp Top 6 Hidden Features You Should Know!

The Strike-Through Text

Did you just type a wrong message to your friend? Stop! don’t delete it instead strike it like this. Simply like a pro! Not very helpful or useful one but go ahead and show off your amazing skills of WhatsApp, follow the upcoming steps.

The text needs to be enclosed within “~” Tilde symbol.

Example “helo”. Write ~helo~ and you’ll get helo. Afterward write Hello correctly in your conversation.

WhatsApp Top 6 Hidden Features You Should Know!

How To Ignore Anyone

It becomes very difficult to ignore someone as if you read the message then the blue tick indicates that you have read the message but you are not replying. Moreover, you cannot read all the messages from the notification panel. So, what to do? Think what if the blue tick itself disappears! Interesting right? Yes, WhatsApp provides this feature with which you can easily ignore your best friend after a fight without he/she knowing this.

Easy go to the Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Uncheck Read receipts.

WhatsApp Top 6 Hidden Features You Should Know!

Another immediate feature comes is “Unread”(Only Available in Android). You can make a message unread immediately after seeing it. Just long press the group or contact, then on the top right corner tap options and click on “Unread Message” & you are done with your ignoring.

Star Important Messages

Many times a thing happens when you are talking with your best friend. He/She send you a very important message like exam date sheet or time table. But after that, you chat a lot and now you have to go way too up scrolling to find that message. Or when you want to check last when did your girlfriend/boyfriend said I love you.

The Best way is to “Star” your message!

Easy again in first of all select your message then click star message in IOS and click the star itself in Android.

WhatsApp Top 6 Hidden Features You Should Know!

Now how to check those messages? Android user needs to select the option in chats on the top right corner and select starred messages, in IOS go to settings and select starred messages.

Lovely Shortcuts For Your Important Chats

Chatting with your girlfriend/boyfriend daily? Go ahead and make a shortcut for that on your home screen. WIll make your chatting and getting to him/her easier. A thing is that this feature is right now available only in Android.

Long press the contact and select Add Shortcut and you are done.

WhatsApp Top 6 Hidden Features You Should Know!

This winds up with the “hidden features” of whatsapp which are no more hidden now. These are very useful and will even make your chats attractive. So, now must use them and utilise them as they are very easy and one can become used to them easily.




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    Posted January 26, 2019 6:04 pm

    Very useful whatsapp hacks

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    Posted January 27, 2019 4:59 am

    Very interesting

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    Posted January 27, 2019 5:20 am

    Good. It is unique. I loved it.

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