Vivo IPL 2020 Start Date?

BCCI on IPL 2020

BCCI has officially suspended the IPL 2020 indefinitely. This step was taken due to the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on 14 April 2020. The lockdown has been extended to 3 May 2020. BCCI considers the safety of players and the fans on top priority. They say that there are no chances for the IPL 2020 to begin until the coronavirus pandemic cools down.

IPL 2020 Suspended

“The health and safety of the nation and everyone involved in our great sport remain our top priority and as such, the BCCI along with the Franchise Owners, Broadcaster, Sponsors and all the Stakeholders acknowledge that the IPL 2020 season will only commence when it is safe and appropriate to do so,” a BCCI release stated.

There has been no official date update for the start date of IPL 2020. The only partners for the time to be passed for the cricket fans are the old matches highlights. As the World T20 also doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon right now.

Windows Open for IPL 2020

The October-November window is already wide open for the IPL 2020 to be conducted properly. But, till now there is no update from the ICC about that everyone is just waiting for the situation to go normal right now. The World T20 is difficult to be conducted because many countries have banned international travel for almost 6-8 months. So, most of the players can’t move out of their countries to fly Australia and play the World T20. Moreover, Australia itself is having a travel ban until September due to which it would be very difficult for them to organise and take proceedings for the World T20 anymore further ahead.


That becoming a good point for the IPL 2020. BCCI has just been waiting for the ICC to officially announce the postponement of the World T20. This would be providing a complete window for the IPL 2020 providing all the players from around the world to play.

Over that option, there is another option coming up from our neighbouring country Sri Lanka. Yes, the Sri Lankan Cricket has offered the BCCI the IPL, as they are ready to host the IPL 2020. Currently, BCCI has not said yes but the option created is really good to be considered. As we know right now Sri Lanka has not been so badly hit by the coronavirus yet.

Vivo IPL 2020 Start Date

All Indian IPL 2020

Less than 1 per cent chance to be considered for all Indian IPL 2020. This was discussed with Aakash Chopra and Boria Majumdar on 16 April 2020. Boria said, “That is the worst and last option for the BCCI to consider for, instead of doing all Indian IPL within 1-2 months, and then if we get even a single positive case the whole country goes under lockdown for 6 months. So, BCCI would consider the World T20 window instead. He including having all Indian IPL is similar to having domestic cricket.”

Players Affected Most on IPL 2020 Cancellation

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

There was a big-big question popping up in everyone’s mind throughout the world on the comeback of the THALA Captain cool MS Dhoni. IPL 2020 was the only option for him to make a comeback for the Indian team. That was also only if he would have performed exceptionally well. As we all know that he had been away from International Cricket for so long, almost everyone had lost hopes already for his comeback. Now, if the IPL 2020 cancels, there might not be any chances for him coming back.

Vivo IPL 2020 Start Date

The next thing comes up for the year 2021 which is next to impossible coming back to the team after such a long-long time. So, keeping the fingers crossed let us hope for the IPL 2020 to happen this year itself and we getting to see Dhoni and coming back to the Indian cricket team one last time.

But, the greatest point still counts is that does Dhoni requires any test to pass or to express how good he is in the cricket ground to be selected. No, not at all, I believe if he wants to play in the world T20 he must be taken in and considered without selection criteria. As his fitness is exceptional and his great game playing capabilities never had a question.

2. Shikhar Dhawan

India’s beloved “Gabbar” is at risk. Yes, he is because of the recent performances from KL Rahul at the opening spot has given doubt in the minds of the selectors. As many people are wanting for Rahul to open up the innings in the World T20 with Rohit Sharma. Which brings in problems for his opening position. Due to continuous injuries that he has been facing, he has been resting continuously. Right now the team is having Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and then afterwards at number 3 Dhawan is considered.

Vivo IPL 2020 Start Date

So, now similar to others a great performance in the IPL 2020 would have helped him a lot for the selection.

3. Rishabh Pant

One single injury that came to Rishabh Pant in the first ODI against Australia on 14 January 2020. That had almost changed the career of the beloved Keeper-Batsman. He got a concussion in his head due to which he had missed out the keeping in the 2nd innings of the game. At that point of time, KL Rahul was handed the Keeper gloves. Since then he has not got the keeping gloves back and a place in the playing eleven too. Except for the 2 test matches against New Zealand.

Vivo IPL 2020 Start Date

His selection in the world T20 squad was not a big question but for the place in the playing eleven was, which could have been resolved if he gets a great IPL season again. Like he did back in the IPL 2018. Without the IPL 2020, he might miss out a chance.

4. Shivam Dube

A fast-bowling all-rounder option was always missed in the Indian cricket team, which was filled in by Hardik Pandya. But as he had been suffering from injury Indian team had got a great replacement with Shivam Dube. He had played exceptionally well in the T20 Mumbai tournament where he smashed 5 sixes in a single over of the final match.

Vivo IPL 2020 Start Date

If he gets a great IPL 2020 would have opened doors for his selection in the World T20. But right now we are missing out the Vivo IPL 2020 start date!

There are many more names for whom the IPL 2020 is very important, like Kedar Jadhav, Washington Sundar, Navdeep Saini(not much as he has got a lot of chances ahead) & Sanju Samson.

Let us wait and pray for this Pandemic to get over soon and wait for the Vivo IPL 2020 start date!


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