Most-Useful Android Apps

Useful Android apps are plenty. The list is endless as phone apps are installed in a user’s device according to his/her usage and requirements. Android is the platform at which a user gets full control over the device. So, due to which an individual can easily head over to the play store and get almost all requirements fulfilled for free(99% of the time).

Each and every person has got their own requirements. But the following list includes some of those Android apps which are very useful for any android device. These apps are a must for every Android user. It can include productivity, security, and safety, etc.

Useful Android Apps

1. Find My Device

The number one and ut-most important app for any android user is “find my device”. Smartphones cost a lot of money! Right? That is the reason it gets stolen most often. But sometimes it does gets lost too. “Find My Device” is here for the rescue. Though it is not going to fight with the thieves and get the Android phone back. The app has got the back for an unwanted lost case.

There are tons of cases when the phone gets lost and the user has got no idea about what to do. But now as this app is on the device. The smartphone can easily be tracked with the exact location. If the phone is lost then one can simply use this app in someone else’s phone and track the lost phone down.

The app offers 2 options, at first is play sound, which means the phone would ring to the loudest volume until the stop button is pressed. Secondly, the lock device option, the phone can be locked by adding two options phone number and message. It can be useful if there is no lock screen password and whenever someone finds the phone he/she can contact and return the phone(only if he/she is willing to). The third option is a lifesaver, in which one can erase the whole device to keep personal data protected.

Useful Android Apps

As the app is helping in keeping the device safe up to some extent. It tops the list of useful apps for android. App Available on the play store.

2. Files Go

Yet another very useful android app. This is a multi-purpose app, benefitting in a total of 3 ways once downloaded. It is one of the useful and apps because it is a file manager from Google. It is also a cleaner from google. Also a great companion for sharing files seamlessly without the internet too.

This app becomes a must-have because, of the exclusive feature of cleaning the device. It puts a full stop to all the other unnecessary apps available on the play store for saving space on the phone. The app scans the whole device and provides different sections properly divided, for cleaning up the device. This is a really important activity that has to be on every android phone because there is a lot of unwanted stuff present on the smartphone which is not visible to the user. That unwanted data is recognized by the app and helps in cleaning it up.

Useful Android Apps

The other 2 options are also pretty essential and useful. As everyone has to have a file manager on the phone which is trustable and reliable. What can be the best option other than a file manager from Google? The file transfer feature can be considered to be an add on which is definitely going to help at some time or the other. App Available on the play store.

3. Adobe Scan

Yes, believe it or not, everyone has to have a scanning app present in their smartphone. Additionally, it is one of the most useful android apps. Every profession out there in the whole world requires the use of this application. Definitely, one needs to scan and upload documents on the internet or somewhere or the other. Being in the year 2020, no one would want to visit the market to get their documents scanned! Obviously there are android apps available for almost everything. Why visit the market then?

Useful Android Apps

Previously, it was the cam scanner that had acquired this position badly and people use to consider it the one and only scanner available on the play store. But, the app is not at all safe, it is one of the most dangerous apps these days. Moreover, not only the cam scanner there a total of 10 apps that should never get a place on your smartphones.


Adobe scan is the most secure scanning app which can keep all the personal data safely intact. This app is definitely a must-have on the smartphone! App Available on the play store.

4. Videodar/Snaptube

There might be chances of people not heard about these 2 android apps. But there are factors and features that make them useful and a must-have in the android device. In the early 90s mobiles used to have only some specific functions, that is, receiving calls and messages mostly. But, nowadays, phones have become smart and they have got smart features. Androids are capable of almost everything and these days they are mostly used for entertainment.

Useful Android Apps

So, in this arena of entertainment people go through android apps like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and many more social media apps. Many times users come across certain videos on the internet which they wish to download and keep them on the phone or for sharing purpose. But unfortunately, many platforms don’t provide that feature to download content, especially Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram!

Useful Android Apps

Due to which this application is a must-have too. One needs to have it in the smartphone to get the feature to easily download videos from these platforms. Just copy the links of the video and paste it in the Videodar/Snaptube application to download them. Or, if the app is already running in the background, there would be pop-up in the notification bar or on the screen as soon as the link is copied.

The app is available on the Videodar and Sanptube’s official website. They are not available in the play store.

5. Digital Wellbeing

Smartphones have made life convenient. A person carries a theatre, a calculator, entertainment, messenger, and a lot more stuff in the pocket itself. Everything is altogether present inside the Android or iOS phone. But, as it is always said excess of anything is bad for health. Smartphones are doing the same thing for human health. Once a person gets addicted to the smartphone it kills time, money, and health badly. So, it is really important to overcome addiction.

The application is provided by Google and it helps in tracking the daily usage of the smartphone. The app displays data in the form of a pie-chart. It shows which application of the mobile phone is used for how much time. Moreover, it has many more helpful features which include bedtime mode. It allows users to put off the phone to do not disturb and remove colors of the phone during bedtime. To basically, save battery and help in having a peaceful sleep. A Focus mode is also present there, which allows disabling certain apps which cause a distraction while one needs to focus on some important task.

Useful Android Apps

Parenting controls are also provided in the app, which is highly customizable and very useful when protection on the data is needed from kids. Definitely, download the app(in some phones it comes preinstalled whose settings are reflected in the settings) and track your phone usage to get rid of addiction. App Available on the play store.

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