In today’s growing world everyone of us want to do each and every thing with quite ease and perfection.Moreover, we don’t wanna listen to anyone also. So, today gain some basic information. Yes, there are many basic things around that is considered as correct. But we tend to do it in the wrong way. There are many such things which you have been doing wrong and it really affects your body in many ways. So, let us get to it & grabsomeinfo!


Applying Moisturizer

Applying moisturizer is the most basic thing that almost every one of us does. Yes, in most winters parents force you to apply that to avoid dryness and it also provides you a sought of warmth.


Do you know you have been applying it in the wrong way, most of us grab it and rub it on the face or the desired body part until the shiny moisturizer vanishes or they ake it in there hands, rub it and then apply it. Stop! that is not the correct way. The moisturizer is supposed to be absorbed slowly by the outer layer of the body. So, instead of rubbing it, it should be gently tapped on your skin using the tips of your fingers and then smoothed down patting your face gently helps to stimulate circulations and flushes out toxins that have built up in your lymph nodes of vigorous rub only serves to stretch your skin. So, next time you apply your moisturizer remember this and gently tap your skin instead of rubbing.

Pouring Juice

Every one of us out there loves drinking juice. Right? Many even have a great addiction to them. For health consciousness also prefer keeping big tetra packs at home. When it comes to pouring them in the glass. Issues are faced and some splashes are made which make the juice fell on the table or on the ground. It’s Messy and is done in the wrong way!


You gotta relax now as you are going to get a splash-free way of doing that. It’s damn easy, you just need to invert the tetra pack and pour the juice from the other side of the hole. No mess this time. Smile.

Applying Perfume

Everybody your us love to apply perfume on their body. But are we doing it the right way? No, we are surely not doing it the right way. When we apply perfume on our body we want it to spread properly throughout the body, for which we prefer to apply it to our sweat-prone areas.


Instead, you must apply it in the area where the pulse is felt the most. As that area is warmer and it absorbs the perfume better and lasts longer. So, next time remember the best area of your pulse.

Wooden Spoon

Many of us use that amazing wooden spoon in our kitchens. But the problem is we think that it is just another good looking spoon. Well No. Everyone should use beauty effectively. The ones out there who like to cook their beloved food in a pan with open lid have to use that spoon. When you cook your food with an open lid, it tends to boil or come out of its boundaries then you lower the gas or try to stir the stuff.
Instead, go ahead and place that wooden spoon vertically on the pan. To avoid the mess and make effective use of the spoon. As the spoon is made of wood, it does not heat up also. So, pick it up easily, without having fear about the fact that it would have become hot.

The Loop On The Back Of Your Shirt

Have you ever admired or explored a shirt. Even if your answer is no you might be aware of the small loop present at the back of your shirt. Well, that’s not for any kind of fashion it has a purpose.


If you are out somewhere or away from your house and due to something you have to remove your shirt. You don’t want any kind of wrinkles on it and you don’t have a hanger. You will definitely find a hook, go ahead use that loop and hook up your shirt. This would avoid falling and wrinkles.


Go ahead and implement these changes in your day-to-day life and you will definitely see a major change in yourself(Good feeling from inside & Easy life). Do whatever you want to do, but do it in the CORRECT WAY.





  • akash kumar

    Posted September 21, 2018 4:01 pm

    Woow that was something really cool and new thank u Author hope u keep writing

    • Samyak Jain

      Posted September 22, 2018 9:06 am

      Yes sir Definitely

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