It was founded by Larry Page & Sergey Brin while they were doing their PhDs at the Stanford Universities. On, 4th September 1998 at the Melno Park, California in The United States. It got set up in 2003 at the Mountain View and quickly grew and became the world’s largest growing company ever in 2005.


  • The name Google is derived from the word ‘googol’, which means 1 with 100 zeroes following it.
  • Larry and Sergey previously named Google as ‘BackRub’, in 1996.
  • Technically Google is more than 150 companies rolled into one. The company has acquired nearly 200 technology business since its inception including YouTube Waze (a GPS navigation app) & Grand Central, the VoIP platform that now exists as Google Voice.
  • Google can be accessed via three “” or “” or ‘’”, then guess what no errors and instead you’d be taken to “”.
  • Larry & Sergey’s private planes have runways in NASA where no other planes are allowed to land.
  • Google employees in the US have got death benefits which guarantee that the living spouse will receive 50% of their salary for the next decade.
  • If you write a big 10 or 11 digit number with = English after it then Google pronounces the whole number for you.

  • Google has been involved with some spectacular failures. Does anyone remember Knol, Google’s attempt to compete with Wikipedia? Or the messaging apps like Google Wave and Google Buzz? What about the social network Orkut? It held for 10 years, thanks to a large fan base in India andBrazil, but has finally died an honourable death.
  • Now, we something really interesting, and that is, the mirror version of Google. Yes, the link “”, will take you to the mirror version of Google, in which everything is in reverse form. It was really helpful to China when Google was banned there due to the Great Firewall.
  • Google uses a Special Web Tool named as, by which it recruits new employees based on what they search online.
  • Google is the No. 1 platform where searches are made. Per day over 1 billion search request is handled by it and these searches are done by using over 1 million computers.
  • Google and its workers are rich; yes they get loads and loads of profit. Google’s 99% of profit comes from its advertisements.
  • Google’s first ever tweet was in a binary format which meant “I m feeling lucky”.
  • We don’t have each and every person around there in the world who knows English, so, more than 88 languages can be used on the Google homepage.
  • Google has even acquired around more than 127 companies in 12 years.

In The End, GOOGLE is The Backbone Of Each & Every Person Of This World.


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