In today’s instantly growing world each and every one of us is making lots and lots of mistakes in our life, through which everyone wants to overcome but the question is how? The solution is to go back in time and stop yourself from committing that mistake. What? Go back in time! Is that even possible? So, the answer to this most frequently asked question is many scientists are already working on it.


Researchers say that time travel is theoretically and mathematically possible.


So, the idea of time travel with volition, in either direction, didn’t arrive until Wells, says Gleick. It explains that time is a dimension – something not widely accepted until Einstein’s theories in 1905. But it was and it is still a question that if we would be able to make a time machine ever in our lives.


There are many theories and ideas given by many researchers, scientists and physicists and some most common of them are.

  • A great researcher Mr Ben Tippett says that to make a time machine we’ll need special exotic matter to bend the space-time in many impossible or unexpected ways.
  • Another option to travel in the past could be a wormhole. It could act as a gateway in the space which would separate the time frame of the present and past.

The first opening would be the present with the galaxy in which we live and the other end would take us to the past galaxy in which we used to live in or which we wish to see. Now this all could be possible if we could accelerate one mouth of the wormhole to near light speed and then reverse it back to its original position.

  • Stephen Hawking the great physicist says that time travel is possible in the 4th dimension.

To be more clear a 4th dimension means basic mathematics like if an object has its length breadth and height, it is considered to be 3d. So, similarly let us consider an example to understand the fourth dimension. Think that you are travelling on a straight road in your car without any turns then it is considered as the first dimension, now if you take a right or a left turn then it would be termed as the second dimension, now if you climb a mountain in your car you gain some height and you have the third dimension. So, according to this theory, Stephen Hawking says how to go to the fourth dimension?

  • Iranian scientist says that he has already built a time machine but its speciality is that it does not take you to the future but brings the future to you.
  • Researchers say that we can go to future via space which is not actually going to space but something different. If we go into space with a nearly 90% of light speed. Then according to Earth calculations, it will take 11 years to reach the desired destination but actually, it would take only 4.4 years. So, like this when we return to Earth everyone would be 22 years older than you but BOOM you would be only approximately 9 years older. But the whole theory demands 90% light speed which is next to impossible.
  • Ronald Mallett 69, believes that he can design for a tunnel of laser light which could send messages through time and get some future signals.

He has a keen interest in making a time machine which is because of his obsession to see his father again who passed away when he was only 10 years old.


So, according to the theories and predictions of our great researchers, scientists and physicist, it is hard to make out that if we would ever get a time machine in our lives or not. We can definitely be sure that it is possible to build a time machine but the resources required for its existence are nearly impossible to explore and find out on our Earth and yes as previously said its production is also possible mathematically, let’s hope that our scientists do  something mysterious and gift the universe with a time traveller.



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