Things to Do on A New Smartphone

Nothing is more exciting than a new smartphone, isn’t it? Until and unless a person loves tech and new things! But for many people, it might also not be a great thing. This is because a change is difficult now may that be in life or anywhere else. Whenever a person shifts to new smartphone he/she must keep the following 10 points always in check. As these are the most important things that must always be done on a phone which is new. Many points might come out to be obvious or one might know them already. But still, you will find at least 1 new thing that would be worth reading this blog post.

Data Recovery on The New One

The most painful and hectic thing which is expected to be is data transfer. As data is the most important thing for everyone and is expected to be stored at someplace. Google has got our back in these cases for Android users at least. Google Drive is the saviour which helps out in keeping a proper backup of all the necessary data. Well, iCloud does that for iOS devices.

New Smartphone

So, whenever the phone is turned on the same google id must be used to login so that it gets the backup, that can be downloaded to the new smartphone easily. This helps in getting all the apps, photographs, music, messages, contacts and messages etc. Surely it will consume a lot of data from wifi or mobile data. No worries there is always a solution to every problem out there. There are many apps available on the play store which allow the user to transfer the data from one phone to another in no time.

Security of the New Smartphone

This is might not be a really very big point in people’s mind, but it really needs to be considered very seriously. Nowadays, security has really become a bit concern for almost everyone. Therefore, it must be given loads of importance. If the phone gets stolen at least it would be having a lock so the sensitive data remains secure.

New Smartphone

Another thing to keep in mind is that because of the trend face lock has become really very common. But, to my concern, I would like my readers to be aware that face lock is not a security feature. It is a convenience feature. The brand might promise that the phone won’t open through a photograph but still it can’t be trusted. The fingerprint scanner is far better than face lock. Though still, anyone can access your phone while you are asleep! But still a better option than face lock. The security that tops the list is obviously PIN lock not even pattern.

So, whenever you purchase a new smartphone the second step should be setting up a PIN lock. If using the fingerprint, then always add more than one finger, in any case, one finger gets hurt or something.

Find My SmartPhone

This is the app which is which acts as a big saviour to many people whenever the phone gets stolen or lost. It helps out in tracing it down to where it is and even rings it up for you if a person is in no signal range. This app is from google itself so definitely it is safe, trustable and reliable.

New Smartphone

This is one of the top 10 things to be done on a new smartphone because it is always left out if not done in the beginning. People get busy with there new phone and applications and this app is left out for later and that later never comes.

IMEI Number

One of the most important thing which is required if the phone is lost or stolen. This is the thing which the operator asks for at first. With this, the lost or stolen phone can easily be identified so its physical presence is important. As soon as a person receives the phone dial “*#06#” on the dial pad to numbers will pop up in case of dual sim smartphone. Then take a screenshot and save it in google drive and you are good to go!

The Battery of New Smartphone

A very very important point to have a good look at! As soon as the phone is turned on one must not just start working on it or playing around with it. Firstly the battery levels of the phone must be checked. If it is below the number of 50 then firstly it should be charged completely. Then further usage and other things must be done.

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Secondly, there are times when people use their new smartphone once, twice or thrice and claim that it has got bad battery life and it doesn’t last long as promised. That is absolutely wrong on the consumers part. Once the smartphone is started and is being used, it needs time to unleash to its full potential. The phone must not be judged too fast. Give it some time let it complete at least 10-12 charge cycles then compare it with the actual promise for the battery life that the brand promised.

Launcher Solution of Bad User Interface on the Smartphone

Operating System(OS) is a thing which comes up to be one of the most important things. This is because every brand has there own way of making up the look and feel of the smartphone. There are times when people don’t really like the OS provided by their respected brands. So, it is always advised to use a good launcher.

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Yes, launchers come out to be really very helpful in these kinds of cases because they completely change the look and feel of the smartphone. If there is no app drawer in your new good looking Android smartphone still it can be easily added with a launcher. There are many highly rated and good launchers available on the Google Play Store which can be considered. Poco launcher and Nova launcher are personal favourites and are the oldest which majority of the people love and prefer.

Security Updates

Updates! Updates! The lovely thing for which everyone waits and wants it day after day again and again. But the only thing people demand from the company is Android updates, which is not at all enough. Yes, the most important updates are security updates, with which the phone gains security.

New Smartphone

The security updates help in resolving out any of the loopholes or any other hacking back door present in the phone. The smartphone manufacturers keep working on smartphones for finding out these issues. Then these are resolved out with security updates. So, they must be checked out for once the new smartphone is turned on.

Extra Stuff with Bloatware

Bloatware is the extra pre-loaded applications in the smartphone which unnecessarily consume a lot of battery, processor and power. Moreover, in many of the Chinese phones, there are certain unknown apps too which affect the security of the phone too. So, those must be uninstalled at first. Other trusted apps like Amazon, Flipkart can still stay according to the requirements.

Spend Time with the Newbie

It is always important to spend time with the new smartphone and understand about each and everything it can do and what all it has got. It is really important to take out at least 2-3 hours for your newly purchased smartphone and exploring it. One should know every feature and setting of it. Best is to go into each and every option, check and implement on what all it is capable of doing.

New Smartphone

Once done with the exploration of the device, one can proceed towards the internet for further more information. One can explore and research the device as much as he/she wants by there own selves but in the end, it will not be enough. Somethings would be definitely left out from the eyes, which could be discovered from the Internet. Do good internet research on what are the features of my phone. One would definitely find a lot and would be definitely worth it.

Check for Any Faults or Bugs

This point falls under a very rare category but is also one of the most important points. Very rarely it happens that a new smartphone comes up with problems. They include certain bugs, heating issues or lagging issues etc. All of them are really important to be checked as early as possibly. As explained in the previous point above to explore the newly purchased smartphone properly. At that time one needs to make sure of the performance for any bugs or lags. Because most of the companies offer 10 days replacement policy if there is any major issue in the smartphone. Though it does not happen often, it can happen to anyone and the effect would be devastating. So, do take a note on this point and keep this also as a check!

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