Samsung Galaxy M30 has kept everyone waiting after the amazing Samsung Galaxy M10 & Samsung Galaxy M20. These devices lagged a little bit in the point of display(TFT Display) & some more small things. So, the M30 is the big brother having Super AMOLED dispaly and some more extra features let us see all of them, & grabsomeinfo!

Samsung Galaxy M30

Samsung Galaxy M30 - Can This Compete?

Can This Really Compete?


Processor – Exynos 7940

Camera – 13MP+5MP+5MP Rear Camera & 16MP Front Camera

Display – 6.4 inches Full HD+, SUPER AMOLED display with U notch

Battery – 5000 mAh supports 15W Fast Charging

GPU – Mali-G71 MP2

OS – Android 8.1 Oreo

Storage – 64GB/128GB


Main Highlight(Display)

The predecessor (Samsung Galaxy M10 & M20) had a major drawback or TFT panel, which is undoubtedly an amazing display with very bright and punchy colours. But this time M30 comes with SUPER AMOLED display which beats every device in this price range!

Samsung Galaxy M30 - Can This Compete?

This dispaly is super bright, and consumes less battery making the phone exceptionally diffenrent from the other mid-rangers. Moreover, An AMOLED display also does not require backlighting unlike LCD because each pixel of organic material generates light itself. Within the same display, power consumption is uneven, focusing mostly on active pixels as represented by on-screen image. Blacks do not consume power because the underlying pixels are actually turned off.So, this device can be taken up seriously in terms of display.


The predecessor Samsung Galaxy M20 had amazing dual cameras at the back but yes it lagged a bit in depth sensing because it didn’t have that depth sensing camera. The depth effect was given with software so due it which it lagged a bit but the successor is up with triple camera having dedicated 5MP depth sensor, increasing the qualities of pictures and improving the depth sensing effect.

Samsung Galaxy M30 - Can This Compete?

It provides a very nice dynamic range giving really bright and detailed pictures with great information even on zooming. Low light performance is a bit low but can be improved with future updates.


The Samsung Galaxy M30 has an undoubtedly amazing battery life which will take up a heavy user also for upto more than 1.5 days which is literally insane battery life. For a moderate user it can take upto 2 days too. The 5000mAh battery, fast charger and the lite weight takes this phone a really long-long way and helps in keeping your phone close to you for a larger time. Best thing provided by Samsung us that it gives a fast charger inside the box iteself which saves your money too, and the charger is the same charger which we get to see with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


Samsung Galaxy M30 - Can This Compete?

The Samsung Galaxy M20 and M10 had a very plain kind of back panel with missing beauty and wasn’t very attractive. M30 covers it very nicely providing a gradient back panel with a dual and shiny display from the back. This type of back panel is very popular these days and most of its competitors are using the similar style of back panel and M30 looks a bit different and good from the back this time.

Basic Things Included

1. Tripple Slot (Dedicated SD Card Slot with 2 Sim Slots)

2. Good Android Optimisation with Good Read Write Speed Of RAM.

3. Brand Of Samsung.

Basic Drawbacks

1. Experience UI– This UI is a bit laggy and performs a bit slower. Due to which some frame drops and lags are experienced on this device but they are not very major, and cannot restrict you though from getting your hands on this but this a a simple problem that a person may face.

2.  No LED Notification Light –  Yes, it is good, cool and important for a majority of the people out there as it is a pretty good feature. Many don’t need it but it is a con as many people need it and yes it is not a major issue.


4GB RAM & 64GB ROM for 14,990/-

6GB RAM & 128GB ROM for 17,990/-

At the end there is only one thing to be said that it is not a major upgrade but yes it is can be a good upgrade from some 1,2 or 3 year old and if you prefer Samsung Brand and Good Service facilities. No major cons and is definitely recommended only if your focus is the Brand name, otherwise there are many other better options.






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