The red banana is highly underrated as it has got some serious and unexpected health benefits. Moreover, you would be shocked to know that there are over 1000 different varieties of bananas around the globe.

Are you also searching for the benefits that red banana has got to offer? Is red banana better than the Yellow one?

Get all your questions answered in this blog! As red banana can provide some essential nutrients and is even sweeter than the regular yellow banana. Stay tuned as the information at grabsomeinfo is always taken from trusted sources and is genuine.

Red Banana Benefits

Red banana (Musa acuminate)is formally known as”Red Dacca.” It tastes similar to raspberries and contains a red outer peel. It belongs to a subgroup of bananas in Southeast Asia.

Red bananas are a bit shorter and sweeter than yellow bananas. They are also more nutrient-dense. They help reduce blood glucose levels, boost immunity, and help digestion. They’re popularly utilised in desserts and baked products.

Red banana on tree

Since it is red in colour, it’s a higher content of anthocyanin which functions as an antioxidant. It’s also packed with fibre and vitamin C. Even though the basic contents of varieties of bananas are the same. So the red bananas are packed with all of the vitamins and minerals and are excellent antioxidant-rich meals.

Listed below are the essential benefits of red bananas. Continue reading!

Benefits the Eyes?

Red bananas contain carotenoids such as lutein and beta carotene that boost eye health. They may reduce your risk of macular degeneration also. Red bananas are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. These carotenoids are utilized to protect against age-related macular degeneration.

Red bananas additionally comprise beta-carotenoids. All these are the pioneer of vitamin A. Also, they are particularly effective when obtained from dietary sources.

Red banana for eyes

Vitamin A is crucial for healthy vision. In fact, deficiency of vitamin A may result in night blindness. But more studies are needed to understand the potency of vitamin A in red bananas in promoting eye health.

Red Banana for Good Skin?

Red bananas contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory chemicals. Like vitamin C and carotenoids, that help slow ageing. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, and it is a vital component of skin and hair structure.

Red bananas are not only healthy to eat but they’re also great for your skin once consumed or employed on the face generously.

Benefits in Lowering Blood Pressure?

Potassium is a mineral essential for heart health because of its function in adjusting blood pressure. Red bananas are rich in potassium. The function of potassium is to keep blood pressure intact. Also reducing the chance of cardiovascular disease has been well established. Increasing potassium intake reduces blood pressure in people with hypertension.

A review of 22 controlled studies found that eating more potassium lowered systolic blood pressure (the top number of a hearing)by 7 millimetres Hg. This impact was strongest in people who had elevated blood pressure at the start of the study.

Checking blood pressure

One other important nutrient for blood pressure management is calcium. One small red banana provides about 8 per cent of your everyday requirements with this mineral. A review of 10 studies found that increasing your magnesium intake by 100 milligrams per day. May reduce your risk of hypertension by up to 5 per cent.

Furthermore, increasing your intake of magnesium and potassium. That may be more capable of reducing blood pressure. Rather than eating more of merely one of the nutritional supplements.

Blood Purification Assistance?

Red banana comprises Vitamin B-6 which enhances the quality of blood vessels and haemoglobin count also. Additionally, it assists in the transformation of tryptophan to serotonin. According to experts, those suffering from anaemia should eat two to three bananas each day to increase their RBC count. The fruit is rich in antioxidants and vitamins which also help in enhancing the quality of blood circulation.

Red Banana Benefits Weight Loss?

Red banana contains plenty of fibre that keeps you full for an extended time. They are comparatively low in calories and fat. Fibre assists in enhancing satiety and might promote weight reduction. Fibre also improves gut bacteria and reduces inflammation.

It reduces the danger of obesity and other associated ailments, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

Digestion benefit

The antihyperglycemic properties (lowering blood sugar) and reduced glycemic index of red bananas also help from the continuous release of sugar into the blood circulation. If you do not understand red banana carries lower calories compared to other fruits.

One whole red banana comprises just 90 to 100 calories and good carbohydrates that assist in preventing binge consumption and curbs cravings. This can help in supporting your weight reduction objectives.

Red Banana Benefits Digestion?

One small red banana gives 3 grams of fibre — about 10% of the RDI(Recommended Dietary Intake )with this particular nutrient.

Since it is so full of fibre, a red banana is also a great option when you have digestive problems like constipation. Fibre helps to enhance the operation of the whole digestive tract and compels the food through it more effectively, reducing your likelihood of suffering from the pain and distress that constipation can bring with it. Regular bowel movements also help to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Vitamin fibre benefits your digestive tract by encouraging regular bowel movements, reducing inflammation within your intestine & stimulating the rise of friendly gut bacteria.

Weight loss benefit with red banana

Furthermore, a high-fibre diet may reduce your chance of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

One study in 170,776 women discovered that a high-fibre diet compared to one low in fibre — was associated with a 40 per cent reduced risk of Crohn’s disease. It is advised to eat one red banana after lunch every day to improve digestion.

Red Banana Benefits Diabetes?

Red bananas have a low glycaemic index(GI). A number of studies have demonstrated that low GI index assists in scaling down the sudden spike in blood sugar levels. So regular consumption of red banana can help manage diabetes.

Studies have established that diabetes control is dependent on improving metabolic control. Consuming foods with a lower glycemic index can help reduce the sudden spike of blood glucose levels.

A study found that the reduced glycemic response of red bananas could be beneficial for individuals with diabetes. Red bananas also inhibit the activity of α-amylase along with α-glucosidase (enzymes involved in glucose synthesis) and further help in this respect.

Red Banana for Smoking Withdrawal?

Quitting smoking is an excellent healthier lifestyle choice, but it’s also a difficult one on the human body and the mind.

But, red bananas help out in this procedure. Magnesium and potassium are also proven to help with the withdrawal of smoke. They help to deal with the desire to smoke. They supply energy and a feeling of fulfilment that makes it possible to handle psychological problems.

Helps quit smoking

Although evidence is limited, the nutritional supplements are suggested to help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. The vitamin helps alleviate poor mood and stress, which are just two significant risk factors for smoking.

Studies also demonstrate that dietary carotenoids are connected to reduced cigarette smoking and lung cancer in men. But more information is warranted in this respect.

Red bananas may also have particular benefits for hair and skin. Even more, research is needed to establish such benefits, anecdotal evidence supports their use. In the next section, we’ve discussed ways you can utilize red bananas to boost your skin and hair health.

Benefits Immune System?

A red banana is also rich in both beta-carotene and vitamin C (to the tune of 16 percent of your recommended daily allowance).

Vitamin C promotes immunity by strengthening the tissues of your immune system. Thus, some research indicates that even a marginal vitamin C deficiency might be related to an increased risk of disease. These powerful antioxidants are able to help improve the immune system and also make it a lot much easier for your body to fight off bacteria, viruses, bacteria, and other dangerous microorganisms in order to stay healthier and have fewer problems like colds and flu.

Strengthens the immune system

Red bananas are also rich in Vitamin B6. These nutrients are crucial for a healthy immune system. 1 little red banana supplies 9 per cent and 28% of the RDIs for vitamins C and B6, respectively.

The vitamin B6 in red bananas also plays a significant function in supporting your immune system. Actually, a vitamin B6 deficiency can reduce your body’s production of white blood cells and immune cells — either of which fights off infection.

Difference Between Red Banana & Yellow Banana

Red bananas are fairly similar for their yellowish counterparts. They are both great sources of dietary fibre and supply similarly high in calories and carbs.

However, the two varieties have a few differences. For instance, compared to yellowish bananas, red bananas:

  • Are far smaller and thicker.
  • Have a lower glycemic index (GI) score.
  • Are high in some antioxidants.
  • Contain more vitamin C.
  • Possess a somewhat sweeter flavour.
Red banana vs Yellow Banana

Though red bananas have been sweeter, they will have a lower GI score than yellow bananas. The GI is a scale from 0 to 100 which measures how quickly foods increase blood sugar levels. Lower GI scores suggest that a low absorption into the bloodstream. Yellow bananas have an ordinary GI rating of 51, whereas red bananas score lower on the scale at approximately 45. Adhering to a low-GI diet can support wholesome blood glucose management and reduce cholesterol levels.

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