Cricopharyngeus — that’s a difficult word to pronounce. It’s even harder when you have a pill stuck in your throat.

Nonetheless, that’s the name of the place where the pill tends to get stuck. The cricopharyngeus is that your ring-like muscle near the top of the oesophagus. Some kids and adults have difficulty swallowing pills even without getting them to get stuck at this uncomfortable site.

But pills don’t necessarily go down as readily as food. When pills become stuck, they often fail to make it beyond the cricopharyngeus.

Getting a pill stuck in your throat may be a terrifying instant, but seldom is it a health emergency.

How to Deal with Pill Stuck In the Throat?

Get Yourself Enough Water for the Pill Stuck in Throat

A lot of liquid — preferably water — is the real key to swallowing a pill. Wet your batter first, put the pill on the back of your tongue, swallow quickly, and follow up with more water up to 8 oz or a complete glass of water.

Lady Drinking water for pill stuck in throat

A well-lubricated throat really is a much better passageway to get a pill. Along with also the preliminary swallowing action gets the epiglottis out of the way.

If Someone is Unconscious

In case the man or woman is unconscious, call emergency medical services. It is imperative not to set a finger to the individual’s throat.

In case the thing obstructing their throat is observable and easy to remove, it may help to sweep the thing from their airways gently. But, putting a finger in the individual’s throat may only pay off the pill deeper and make the problem more dangerous.

Pill stuck in throat

Lay them in their back and perform chest compressions, frequently checking to check whether the item has come loose.

If the Person can’t Breathe Due to the Pill Stuck in Throat

If a person you know has a pill but it ends up blocking their airway and the individual can not breathe. Then attempt the five-and-five process or even the Heimlich manoeuvre. Before you perform both of them, have somebody call the health care provider.

To perform the five-and-five method from the Red Cross, follow the following steps:

Pat the Back for the pill stuck in throat
  • Stand behind the individual, putting one arm across their chest, and then lean them forward in the waist.
  • Together with the heel of your hand, give five blows to your the rear, between the shoulder blades.
  • Set the thumb side of your fist above their navel, contrary to the centre of their abdomen.
  • Hold on to your wrist with another hand.
  • Give five quick upward thrusts to the stomach.
  • Repeat till the individual coughs or so the pill comes out.

To Carry out just abdominal thrusts, also known as the Heimlich manoeuvre, proceed according to the following:

A Person giving Abdominal Thrust
  • Stand behind the person and wrap your arms around his or her waist.
  • Lean the choking individual forward slightly.
  • Make a fist with your hands and place it slightly above the individual’s navel.
  • Use your other hand to hold on to a wrist.
  • Press to the individual’s stomach in a quick, upward motion.
  • Repeat five times, if necessary.

If You Are Alone

If you’re alone and also a pill is blocking your airway so that you can not breathe, then follow these measures:

  • Create a fist and place it above your navel.
  • Use your other hand to hold on your own fist.
  • Bend over a difficult surface such as a seat, railing, or table border.
  • Push your fist to the abdomen at a fast, upward movement.

If the Person is Coughing Due to the Pill Stuck in Throat

In the event the person is coughing, then it means that they could breathe and that their airway isn’t 100 per cent blocked.

Encourage them to continue coughing to have the pill out. Pills should not be left from the throat to dissolve. A pill may burn the lining of the throat, resulting in esophagitis, a state where the oesophagus gets inflamed. Esophagitis can also be caused by other illnesses, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), diseases, or injury. This may make swallowing difficult and debilitating.

A lady coughing in Bed

You can try this out:

  • Place water into your mouth.
  • Bend down level.
  • Swallow.

The water should flush out the pill down your oesophagus. Lying down can help relax your throat so the pill can proceed. It might take a couple of gulps, but normally a glass of water will overpower the stubborn of pills.

Why is it that Pills get Stuck in the Throat?

Most frequently, pills become stuck in an individual’s throat because there is not enough moisture to assist the pill slide down.

Pills, such as coated kinds and gel caps, and are often difficult to swallow without liquid.

Pill Stuck in Throat?

Pills will likely be stuck in an individual’s cricopharyngeus muscle and also the sphincter at the top of the oesophagus. Those who have ailments involving this muscle often have difficulty swallowing pills.

Young children and seniors frequently have the most difficulty swallowing pills.

Ways to Avoid Getting a Pill Stuck in your Throat

There are numerous preventive steps for discontinuing a pill from becoming stuck in the throat. These include:


Occasionally, the muscles in the throat may be too tight when taking the pill. It could help to relax the throat muscles by simply tilting the head forward while swallowing.

A man Relaxing on A Chair

It could also help give the pill a small resistance to gravity as possible. This may mean sitting up or standing when shooting it, as lying down may make it more difficult to swallow.


An easy prevention tip may be to consume a small quantity of water before taking the pill. Maintaining the throat moist may make it less probable that the pill will catch on the throat while someone is consuming.

Some pills might seem drier than others, and some people just appear to suffer from pills getting stuck in their throat.

In these cases, it may help to drink water before taking the pill, swallow the pill with a big spoonful of water, and continue drinking water after swallowing the pill.

Emptying or Crushing the Pill

Speak to a doctor or pharmacist about the possibility of powdering the pill.

Some pills may do the job just as well whether the individual grinds them into a powder or empties the capsule. Then the individual can only blend the powder with a liquid or liquid food to take it.

Pills getting Ready to be crushed

This might not be suitable for each pill, but and the effects of the drug may change depending on the way the person takes it. Always talk to a physician or pharmacist before doing this.

Take the Pill with An Alternative

If it’s acceptable to take the pill with food, a few smooth foods can make it easier to swallow.

Foods to test include:

  • Yoghurt
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Smoothies
  • Apple Sauce

Chewing up a bite of food thoroughly and then adding the pill to the mouth to swallow the whole mouthful may also help.

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