The Flagship Killer

The Oneplus 6 which kept almost every one of us awaited and also kept us eager. Finally, the new Oneplus 6 is out and it is THE FLAGSHIP killer. So, now let’s get to know about its specifications and if you should buy it or not.


  • 6.28-inch FULL HD+ Display
  • 19:9 Aspect Ratio with Notch
  • Android 8.1 Oreo Out Of The Box with the Oxygen OS of OnePlus
  • Fastest Processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • Dual Rear Cameras (16MP+20MP) with Secondary Camera of 16MP
  • 3300mAh Battery
  • Supports NFC
  • Supports Dash Charge with USB Type-C
  • 4 different colours, Mirror Black, Midnight Black, Silk White and Red Colour.

Oneplus got 3 variants!

  • 6GB RAM & 64GB Internal Storage.
  • 8GB RAM & 128GB Internal Storage.
  • 8GB RAM & 256GB Internal Storage.

Now let’s get into the full details of this device. Is it for you? C’mon let’s find out!

Why Oneplus 6?

Alright, so why only Oneplus 6 we have got plenty of other options around us then why should I pick Oneplus 6, your queries would be solved here. Now, the Oneplus 6 almost kills the Samsung S9 in camera. Yes, the camera of Oneplus 6 is just awesome. The Oneplus 6 is splash resistant which means, “Oops! It’s raining”, no worries Oneplus 6 can bare that. Yes, you can take your phone out in the rain. If, you are the one who wants a killer looking device then also the Oneplus 6 fulfils your needs. The glass back of the device gives you a very premium feel and no worries for its cracking because the back also has Corning Gorilla Glass protection. You get an awesome look at the phone.


If you are a social media addict or the one who loves to be with your phone all the time, then yes again Oneplus 6 is for you. As, it has this amazing lift up and wake feature, whenever you pick up the phone from a table or bed or anywhere, the screen lights up and give you basic details, like time battery and unread notifications. Then, the superfast face unlock is love, most of the time you will not even see the lock screen it will take you to the home screen as soon as you look at it and press the power button to open your phone, it is highly secure it won’t open up with your photograph and even at night it works perfectly. Yes, of course, you also have the amazing and fast fingerprint scanner as well. If you attend too many meetings or classes again a yes for you too for this device, it has this cool alert slider on the right side which allows you to switch between three different modes manually and easily.


You can get to silent, vibrate and ring mode easily. Now, gamers you can also go for this device Oneplus 6 has a good gaming mode which restricts other applications work, stops notifications from third-party apps and gives most of the RAM to the game that you are playing. Now, if you want fast updates then Oneplus has promised that any Oneplus device launched from now will get all android updates up to 2 years and security patch updates up to 3 years. You can even update to Android P Beta version which is official. So, the Oneplus 6 has each and everything a customer demands and therefore it’s a good deal.


Last but not the least there are some cons of this device which you must know.

  • It wasn’t expected but there is no option for you to show your battery percentage. This is just mad but it is not very major and can be easily resolved with a software update.
  • Next is its speaker if you are the one who always watches movies on phone or the one who listens to loud music then this is not for you, the Oneplus 6 has got a decent speaker but not very loud.
  • Then you have to opt for 128GB or 256GB variant because I believe that at a time 64GB is not sufficient and there is no SD card slot.
  • Now, we get a glass a back but No Wireless charging which is not good. Like this is 2018 and everyone needs modern stuff.

The above-mentioned mistakes are not very major and some can be resolved with software updates and others may not matter you also. So, still, it’s a YES you can go for the ONEPLUS 6.


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