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The average life of a mobile phone is 2-2.5 years for now, but nowadays it is surprising to see that majority of people change their smartphones every year. It is good to stay updated with the technology but on the same side one has to think about the Earth, our own environment also. Strange? Yes, in anyways it is if a person is changing phones mobile phone every year, that means ending its life. Due to which the electronic waste on Earth is increasing and believe it or not that is really very harmful to everyone.

In the past few years, smartphone prices have come down a lot. Due, to which almost everyone carries a good configuration phone. But, as the companies keep releasing new devices almost every week now. People are just eager to update their phone and they end up doing unnecessary purchases. This is because many smartphone manufacturers do not provide a lot of upgrade in a new device.

Mobile Phone Life

Even many flagship devices say that they will be providing 5G in their upcoming new device. But these things are completely useless as 5G is yet to launch. It is completely pointless to purchase a device which has a feature that would work after 1-2 years. Almost every mobile phone has a life of more than 2 years. Read further and find out some really simple ways on how to increase the life of the mobile phone sitting in your pocket and end up saving a lot of money.

Simple Repair and Add Life to The Mobile Phone

One of the biggest reasons the mobile phone loses its life and goes to the trash bin is some small faults. This point calls for repairs. Many times one gets very small problems with the phone, that is, broken buttons or broken charging ports or 3.5mm jack or some inner part broken etc. All these are very simple repairs and can be done easily from the service centre. One can easily get new and original parts of the mobile phone from the service centre! They are made for these purposes only.

Mobile Phone Life

Another small problem which is made big is the battery. I strongly agree that the battery life of the mobile phone gives up after 1 or 1.5 years. But again one can simply get that battery replaced and the phone will become smart again. So, one can save money here very easily. The first approach should always be ‘repair’ with the help of the official service centres of the respected brand.

Storage of The Mobile Phone

The biggest enemy of a smartphone is nothing but moisture. Yes, water, sweat, heat etc. any factor that causes an increase in moisture is not good for life a mobile phone. Due to that moisture small little parts of the phone get rusty or corrode and with that, the phone shuts down or starts giving some errors. That is the point in time when the service centre says that “there’s water inside the phone and sometimes even, the motherboard has caused some problems.”

So, how to stay away from this problem. By, following proper storage and not being careless. It would be really good if one can keep the mobile phone away from moisture that would definitely help in increasing its life. Another important point is rain, yes try to keep the device in a packet or plastic bag during rain, don’t let the water even to get close to the phone.

Mobile Phone Life

Another important point to keep in mind is the IP-Certification that comes with most of the flagship devices nowadays. IP-Certification is a verdict that certifies that respected phone is waterproof up to a certain extent accordingly. So, now as you know the meaning. Let me make it really very clear that even if the phone is waterproof, that is IP-Certified. That doesn’t mean that a person uses it in rain unnecessarily. Because at some point in time it will also give up and will affect the phone. So, just try and keep the phone away from moisture as much as you can as it would definitely add up to the life of your mobile phone.

Cases & Guard for the Phone Screen

Another thing that comes out to be very important and the thing that most of the people use but still there are plenty who avoid the use cases and screen guards. Yes, they are very important. Many of the smartphones have fancy back panels nowadays but good or bad they need protection. After all, it is either plastic, glass, polycarbonate or glastic. It is really very clear that plastic, polycarbonate and glastic panels would get scratches very easily. Secondly the glass back. no matter how strong it is if it fells from a good height or fells 3-4 times then it is going to break.

Mobile Phone Life

There might be a thought that why am I emphasising so much on the back cover/case. This is because the back panel of the smartphone is the one which makes up the look of the whole mobile phone. Now, if it is full of scratches or broken it would look unpleasant. It would reduce the life of your mobile phone. That scratchy or broken back would force you to change the mobile phone. A thought would be striking in the mind always that, “It looks terrible, I want to get it changed”. Moreover getting the back panel changed is not a really good idea as it does not support the pocket well!

Mobile Phone Life

Now, another big factor is the one only front display. It is your everything as you have to look at that only. The same thing follows this too, you cannot afford to get the main display changed. It is very costly! Protect it with a good quality screen guard and don’t let it break. The back cover and front screen guard is definitely going to extend the life of the mobile phone.

Fast Smart Charging

Fast charging is helpful but might not be too good for the phone. Charging the mobile device smartly means increasing the battery life and the battery of the smartphone. That would eventually end up increasing the actual life of the mobile too. There are some really essential points to keep in mind on how to charge the phone smartly. Stay tuned at grabsomeinfo and you will get the answer on how to charge the phone smartly.

CPU & Resource Management for Life of Mobile Phone

Usage of Lite Apps

The smartphone is empty or almost useless without apps. Many of the people keep their smartphones full of applications which usually tend to eat up the complete performance of the mobile phone. In the end, affect its overall life too. There are many apps which are really heavy in terms of resource management, like Facebook, Messenger and Instagram etc. All of these apps have got the lite versions. At least, for the mid-range smart devices, it is recommended to use lite apps. This would boost the performance, speed and also the life of your mobile phone. For, flagships they have become really powerful in the past few years. So, they can tolerate them but not the mid-rangers.

Mobile Phone Life

Unnecessary Apps Effects on the Life of Mobile Phone

There are times when a person installs a certain application for 1-2 times use. The app might become useful after a single use but the majority of the people tend to keep the app on the phone. That is wrong, if the app is not required then it should not be there too. Apps eat up a lot of battery in the background. Moreover, these days when the internet has become so fast and there are great deals on data packs too. One can easily install the app when needed and remove it when done! Increased performance is equal to the increased life of the mobile phone.

Heat Another Big Enemy

Smartphones don’t like moisture and excess heat and cold temperatures. This point could again be considered as a subpart of the storage point. As you need to keep the phone away from moisture keep it away from the heat too. The big enemy is direct sunlight. Front of the mobile phone is black though and it tends to absorb a lot of heat decreasing its life span. Due, to which the performance goes down and the parts inside get more prone to getting faulty.

Restart, Reboot the Instant Fix

The only way that each, techy or non-techy, follows for an instant fix. That is, the restarting of the phone. Each one of us loves this isn’t it? Any small or big problem we do restart the phone once and check if it is back to normal again and yes its works too. Most of the times. It can come out to be a good practice too.

Mobile Phone Life

We need to make a habit of restarting the mobile phone every 10-15 days to put a good impact on its life span. It is a good practice, as it gets a fresh start from on to off to on. In terms of long times, it definitely impacts the life of the mobile phone.

So, that’s all I’ve got for my readers in the end. Trust me if even a single person on this Earth would postpone their smartphone purchase for 2-6 months or so. He/She is genuinely helping a lot in reducing the electronic waste. This is because it always starts with 1. Do, try your best to use your smartphone for atleast 2 years. So, stay tuned for the next blog which would be on how you can double your mobile phone’s battery life.

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