Do you often attempt to cover up discoloured lips using lipsticks? If you would like to have naturally pink lips that are dewy soft, the great thing is the fact that it is extremely much possible!

Soft, full-looking pink lips might look nice, but keeping your lips healthy and hydrated is most important. If you’re like most people, however, your lips won’t look tender, pink, and plump without paying a little additional attention to your skin on your own mouth.

There are many home remedies that you can try to make your lips pink permanently. It is possible to even incorporate specific foods in your daily diet plan and follow a couple of skincare rituals to achieve pink lips fast.

Even when your lips have become dull and dark with time there’s no need to stress! It’s totally feasible to reverse the harm and find those healthy pink lips. All you want to do is put aside a quarter-hour daily to look after your lips. Let us start.

Suggestions on How to Make Lips Pink Naturally

Listed here are certain habits or mistakes that can make your lips dark than they are:

How to make lips pink


Dehydration makes your lips prone to dryness. The skin around the lips can become rough and pare off in spots, resulting in chapped, injured skin and dark stains. Drink at least eight glasses of water through the day and eat a lot of watermelons, cucumber, and other such water-rich foods to acquire pink lips.

Utilizing Old or Inferior Excellent Lip Solutions

Low-quality lip products utilize chemical formulations which could harm the delicate skin on lips. Employing these products for a prolonged period may cause your lips to darken in color. Utilizing expired products in your lips may also damage them. If you’re wondering how to get pink lips quickly, switch to all-natural skincare and makeup products.

Caffeine Intake

Caffeine can’t only stain your teeth but also make lips fuller over time, depending on how much tea or coffee you consume. Consider cutting back to your daily intake and constantly wash down your mouth and lips with a glass of water after your drink.

Woman having Cigarette


Years of smoking may lead to darker lip colour. Nicotine and tar move to the lips because you inhale cigarette smoke, that also causes discolouration. In addition, it contributes to bronchial arteries within the skin, which result in build-up and restricted blood flow from the lips, darkening them in either color or providing them a blotchy appearance. Smoking also accelerates the skin’s aging procedure.

Not Eating Correctly

Eating disorders like bulimia, which include persistent vomiting, can lead to long-term damage to the lips because of corrosive stomach acid coming in contact with the skin. Not eating well-balanced meals means losing out on the broad array of nutrients required for beautiful skin and overall wellness. Check for iron deficiency if you’ve got dark lips; lack of this oxygen-carrying chemical haemoglobin, responsible for the red colour of blood, which can lead to discolouration of the lips.

Prolonged & Excessive Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight triggers the human body to make melanin in order to absorb ultraviolet rays. While melanin safeguards your skin from some of the damage caused by sunlight. Additionally, it causes the skin to tan. But how to get pink lips whenever you have to be out in the sunlight all day? Simple! To help keep your lips from darkening, wear sun protection on them. Use a lip balm with SPF (sun protection factor) 30 or greater. Reapply every two hours or more often if your lips become moist. Quality lip balms additionally stop the sun’s rays from harmful collagen, helping to keep your lips supple.

Licking Lips

Licking Lips

Licking your lips would be really a very detrimental habit which makes your lips along with the area around your mouth darker. Saliva comprises enzymes which help break down food, and when you lick lips, it can irritate the slender skin, causing it to become darker in colour. What’s more, the longer you lick your lips, the dryer they become, leading to chapped skin! How to find pink lips whenever you’re habituated to licking these? Simply make a conscious work and avoid rubbing your lips!

Listed here are certain habits that can be adopted to make the lips pink:

Exfoliate Your Lips

All you want to do is wet a napkin or even a toothbrush and lightly rub your lips with it in soft movements. This eliminates dead skin and the dry outer layer of their lips, while also enhancing blood flow. At night, always apply coconut oil or some pure lip balm for soft pink lips.

Utilize A Sugar Scrub

One of the greatest causes of lips turning grey is that the buildup of dead cells. Natural lip scrubs are highly helpful in firming dead skin to reveal smooth and soft lips.

Sugar Scrub for Pink Lips

Scrub the lip skin with a mixture of one teaspoon each of almond oil and honey and two tsp of sugar. Scrub softly as the skin on your lips will be very sensitive. The almond honey and oil will present your lips moisture much as the glucose eliminates the dead skin. Normal usage of the scrub can supply you with pink lips permanently.

The enzymes present in honey aid in lightening the colour of the lips. Honey also supplies the lips with a healthy dose of moisturization.

Moisturise Regularly

Keeping your lips moist at all times is a sure shot way to ensure they remain pink. Apply aloe vera gel directly from the plant or purchase a pure bottled version to soothe and moisturize dry lips.

You may even try the following home remedy. Soak some new rose petals in tiny milk overnight. In the early hours, mash the milk and cumin to make a paste add more milk if required. Apply the glue onto lips and wash off after 15 minutes. You are able to take advantage of this remedy daily or night. Rose petals and milk, possibly being natural moisturisers, will moisturize your lips and make them soft.

Stay Hydrated

Among the most frequent causes of dry skin is not drinking enough water. Obtaining eight glasses of water every day will help your body in lots of ways, and fuller-looking lips are an added benefit.

Essential/Vitamin E Oil

It’s possible to take a capsule of Vitamin E and split it open. Apply it straight onto your lips to make them soft and pink. It’s an established aid in regenerating skin cells, boosting circulation and preventing wrinkles.

When you choose your lip balm, make certain they have essential oils as ingredients. They’d contain natural emollients that may make your lips pink by keeping them moisturised.

You may also use aloe vera because it is full of Vitamin E. Which helps in restoring moisture. It also has soothing properties that assist with healing tender and chapped lips. It facilitates the development of new cells which assists in getting organic pink lips.

Use a Berry-Based Lip Scrub

Strawberries are full of antioxidants and vitamin C, which makes them a fantastic ingredient for nourishing the skin around your lips. Organic berries contain essential minerals and vitamins that prevent lips from turning dark. It is because of this a whole good deal of lip balms on the marketplace are cherry flavoured. To receive the best advantages of strawberry, then you are able to apply it directly to your lips.

Crushing up a strawberry and adding it into a honey and olive oil mix is the basic recipe for this home remedy. Don’t hesitate to experiment with antioxidant-packed blueberry variations also.

Wake up Lips with Citrus

Employing a few drops of lemon juice, then you are able to create your lips appear fuller and slough off dead skin. Simply rub the lemon juice to your skin and watch your skin brighten up until your eyes. Make sure your lips are not cracked or super dry until you use this treatment, as it might sting and make matters worse.

Shield Lips from the Sun

It is common knowledge that the skin on your face is susceptible to harmful sun exposure. However, one 2005 analysis found a lot of 299 individuals who applied sunscreen for their body correctly, only 37 per cent also used lip defence.

Lip Balm

Sunlight triggers the human body to make melanin in order to absorb ultraviolet rays. While melanin protects your skin from a number of the damage caused by sunlight, additionally, it causes the skin to tan. However, how to get pink lips whenever you have to be outside in sunlight all day? Simple! To help keep your lips from darkening, wear sun protection. Use a lip balm with SPF (sun protection factor) 30 or higher. Reapply every 2 hours or more frequently if your lips become wet. Quality lip balms additionally prevent the sunlight from damaging collagen, helping to keep your lips hydrated.

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