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The human being of today’s world loves each and everything may it be parents, brothers, sisters, friends or girlfriend-boyfriend. But still the foremost question is, How To Be Happy In Life At All Times? Ask this question to yourself and proceed on reading the blog and find answers!

The Guide On How To Be Happy In Life At All Times

The Art Of Staying Happy & Stress-Free In Life!

1. Love Yourself

Nothing can ever make you unhappy if you are rightly devoted to yourself. Remember till the end of the line you only have yourself. The point does not mean that stop caring, respecting, helping or doing for others. It just means never bother others so much to yourself that it affects you, and yes at times no problems on being selfish too.

Be Happy In Life At All Times

Think! When you are unhappy or not in a good mood you often ignore people or try to stay alone and even become angry too. So, therefore instead of getting into this situation ignore the wrong people at the right time.

Believe it or not, you need to you have got a single life do not completely give it up for some stupid stuff, or to just a matter of tension. Gather yourself in the company of those who genuinely love you, care for you & they are none other than your parents or your spouse.

Letting Go Of The Toxic People In Your Life Is A Big Step In Loving Yourself.

~Hussein Nishah

2. Let It Go(Stress)

What is stress? It is a feeling that helps you to feel sad and be unhappy. The foremost thing is to identify yourself. After which you need to realise one thing only once, that is, Why? Find out the reason talk to yourself, are you stuck in a problem? Or you are overthinking on a certain point, Or you are being fed up of your lifestyle, Or you are feeling something.

Remember to think once and don’t overthink.

Next, try once to search for a solution, because it’s your problem and the solution lies within you, others only have suggestions. If you find a solution then implement it as soon as you can.

How To Be Happy In Life At All Times

If no, then the best option is to practice meditation, yoga, or the easiest and simple way is just take deep breaths again and again and again and again until and unless you feel calm. Then think over once more, and yes the solution will be in your head. If still, no is the call, then repeat it and do it properly. As you need to react smartly to your problems always.

After, you find your solution you’ll easily become happy, beating your stress.

It’s Not The Stress That Kills Us, It Is Our Reaction To It.

~Hans Selye

3. Self-Analyzation(Failure)

Successful, a wonderful word, isn’t it? More than that it is the best feeling which everyone wants. But do you think you can be successful without failing? The word “fail” itself says (First-Attempt-In-Learning). If you are sad after failing it is perfectly fine but the point is when you take one failed attempt and lose your confidence. You gotta keep this in your mind that, Failure Is A Part Of Success.

There are always ups & downs in life the point is to live your life to the fullest.

When you are working on your idea and you fail, the solution to this is to self-analyze your mistakes. You have your failed attempt in your hands, re-look into it again and again and again and again, till you find a solution to it.

Remember if you focus on your problem you would never find a solution! Focus on the solution to find it. If you focus on the problem you only see cons, and you forget the pros. Your attempt might be wrong but always and always there is something to learn from it. Don’t stop trying because, when you hadn’t started you were eager to be where you are right now, and later you will regret that, “Why Did I Stop!”.

How To Be Happy In Life At All Times

The Never Give Up Attitude itself makes you feel energised, motivated and happy. Struggling life can also be made happy if you put a false smile on your face too. Psychology says if you smile in your sad times automatically your feelings start to change, making you genuinely happy.

Only Those Who Dare To Fail Greatly Can Ever Achieve Greatly.

~Robert Kennedy

4. No Time(Too Busy)

From school to home to tuition to study to sleep & then repeat or from college to study to college, or from office to home to office. More than 90% of India’s population has the above-mentioned routine, and due to which they remain unhappy of course. We can keep the school and college-going students on the other side also because they still have the option of taking holidays and playing.

But the person who is the only support of the family needs to stop for a while and question himself/herself, Why so much? How so-ever busy you might be in your work, the foremost priority should always be you and only you. Now, this thing works the other way, yes to get some time from your busy schedule either you need to wake up 1 hour early or sleep a little late.

How To Be Happy In Life At All Times

There are a total of 24 hours in a single day and you have to take out at least 1 hour for your body from that at any cost! May that be in the morning or evening. Think it over if your body remains fit and healthy it would lend more power and energy which would end up making you happy. You cannot be too busy as there is a difference in busy and productive.

Being Busy Is Not The Same As Being Productive. In Fact, Being Busy Is A Form Of Laziness – Lazy Thinking & Indiscriminate Action.

~Tim Ferriss

5. It’s Not Working Anymore(Break-Up)Depression

Break-Up can be painful if you were serious with your relationship and might lead to severe depression too. But yes, every problem has a solution so to bring back your happy life.

Firstly, let your pain out, so cry as much as want to, you don’t have to tell yourself that, “I m okay” because you know that you are not! At times, you have to fool your brain to feel good and remain happy, but this is a genuine feeling so just give space to the pain inside you for escaping.

Share your feelings with the important people of your life, parents, friends. Express yourself as much as you can, because this takes time and you need someone to help you out.

How To Be Happy In Life At All Times

Take a step towards your interest, go ahead and work on it or perform it as much as you can or play games, exercise. Try to divert yourself into some different work after a week or so. Don’t try to get into another relationship to reduce pain, you would only end up increasing it.

It’s you don’t even think of hurting yourself, he/she might be your everything but in the end, you needed him/her for yourself only. So, just don’t harm yourself, give time to yourself and just move on. Life never stops.

The Heart Was Made To Be Broken.

~Oscar Wilde

6. He/She Is Better(Comparing)

The other person has got a better personality than me, he/she sings or dances or acts better. Re-think on these points do you think these comparing points would make a massive difference in your lifestyle. Question yourself why am I comparing myself with him/her, is it necessary? Surely, no. When you are doing silly comparisons, in the end, you are hurting yourself, because the second person doesn’t even know that he/she is being compared. Yes, this is the worst reason for making yourself unhappy.

How To Be Happy In Life At All Times

Every morning look into the mirror and say I Am The Best. Love yourself & Stay Happy! It is your Life live it properly in your way!

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy.

~Theodore Roosevelt

A great way of getting cooled is to sleep out all your problems, just grab your lovely pillow and go off to sleep for 2-3 hours and after you wake up think about your solutions over again!

The biggest mantra of staying happy is Eating, may you at any stage of unhappiness in your life. Get out, grab your favourite dish and eat it. The amount happiness that eating would give you, literally nothing else can give!


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