Maybe you already like a cup of green tea before you go to bed, or maybe you’re wondering how to find the best night’s sleep possible.

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages in the world. It is filled with flavonoids which may help reduce inflammation. Aids in lowering cholesterol and may lessen your odds of heart attack or stroke. However, does this mean you are able to drink green tea before bed and benefit from all of its health benefits?

This article can help you decide whether drinking green tea during the night can benefit you.

Benefits of Having Green Tea Before Bed

Green tea contains many beneficial plant chemicals. Drinking it at the night might not only improve your sleeping but also offer a few additional health-promoting properties. But still, there are those who immediately think that drinking green tea right before bed is a big mistake. All this caffeine? Do not that help keep you up all night?

And it is true, for some. The caffeine could make it more difficult to fall asleep. However, the reality is, most green tea is indeed low in caffeine which for many people, it’s not going to affect your sleeping the way consuming a cup of coffee would.

Healthy Hair and Glowing Skin with Green Tea

Green tea helps give your hair a radiant glow while also restricting the causes of ageing. Additionally, it may control pain relief and aid with acne breakouts. Therefore by drinking green tea, you also need to improve collagen production in your skin which helps reduce wrinkles and wrinkles. Individuals with sensitive skin can find the benefits of vitamin E found in abundance within this beverage. It has the capability to slow down cell degeneration.

That is the reason we make skincare products using green tea! The Green Tea Facial Scrub gently exfoliates to reduce petroleum pores. It works as a facewash and unlike rough flaking washes, you can use it every single day!

The Green Tea Detox Mask is another holy grail skincare product. With just three organic ingredients, it eliminates acne and offers you that glow all of us strive for!

Have A Better Sleep

Green tea may also help promote sleep quality and amount. It’s a well-known truth that we should all be receiving about 8 hours of sleep each night to stay healthy, but for a number of people, this sounds to be an impossible job. But, sipping green tea before bed might help you if you’re experiencing sleep-related issues like insomnia.

With the kind of lifestyle, we have today. It is seen that the vast majority of individuals are sleep deprived. You would be surprised to understand that most women get remainder only for 5 hours a day. The perfect sleep hours for an adult is 8 hours daily. Anything below this may impact your health and general well-being.

That’s because L-theanine can be located in green tea, as well as many of Teami’s Blends! This is an amino acid having a plethora of properties. It enables you to relax and reduces anxiety, which will be an enormous advantage if you struggle to find sleep every evening. It will improve the standard of your sleep, too — without even leaving you feeling lethargic and sleepy as with other artificial and natural sleep nutritional supplements.

Reduce Your Cholesterol

Reduced cholesterol may be appreciated through drinking green tea since it’s been found to reduce the degree of cholesterol in the blood.

Maintaining excellent health must be a priority for everyone. Green tea aids in assisting you to achieve this goal. It contains anti-oxidant properties to help protect you from the free radicals within the body. Green tea is also known to reduce your cholesterol levels to some extent. To continue to keep your cholesterol to the desirable degree, exercise regularly, lower the consumption of fried foods and revel in a warm cup of green tea at night before going to sleep.

But, even though green tea may help keep your cholesterol levels in check. It will not provide a magic cure for elevated cholesterol levels. Thus, you’ll have to team your green tea intake with a wholesome diet, exercising every day, and preventing high-cholesterol foods.

Drinking green tea every day can help to further decrease your cholesterol level. But it ought never to be utilised instead of prescribed drugs.

Help in Oral Hygiene

Outstanding oral hygiene is crucial to cancel any chances of infections or gum disease. Drink green tea frequently and get benefitted from healthy gums and teeth.

A Japanese study found that healthy teeth and gums are promoted by regularly drinking green tea. The researchers engaged in this study assert that green tea drinkers will profit from this intake. And will also reducing the onset of periodontal disease. This disorder affects the bones and gums of the teeth by causing chronic inflammation. And it is believed that the catechins in green tea may be the primary reason for better oral health. Green tea causes the body’s natural inflammatory response to the germs brought on by the bacterial disease.

Green tea will irritate your teeth over time. This is a result of the tannins. But most individuals brush their teeth before going to bed. This usually means you’ll likely brush them soon after your night cup of tea, which will minimize the impact tannins may have on your tooth enamel.

Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Ever wondered if ingesting green tea before bed burns off calories? Yes, it will. Start with drinking green tea during the night for weight loss before you go to bed and feel an increase in your metabolism.

By consuming green tea at night. Research indicates that you can ensure that your metabolism rate is speedy before you go to bed. When you receive a good amount of sleep, this may improve your total metabolism, creating a much healthier body. A study found that this growth in metabolism is often as much as 4%! You will find thermogenic properties inside green tea, which promotes fat burning far beyond caffeine alone.

In addition, it is able to control your hormones and blood glucose that reduces your appetite. However, it may also increase the fat-burning hormones in our bodies, which will increase how effective it is broken down. Teami Skinny functions to energize and suppress your cravings!

Green tea consumption has also been associated with blood glucose and hormone regulation, and which helps to decrease appetite.

What to Do if Caffeine Keeps You Awake at Night?

Although you’re impressed by all the aforementioned mentioned facts and stats. Then you can not help believing that the caffeine in green tea will keep you awake during the night.

Sounds pretty right?

Should you discover that green tea keeps you awake more than it should. You might opt for other herbal teas which are caffeine-free. For instance, if you are trying to unwind as much as possible before you drift off, chamomile tea is a fantastic selection.

However, in addition, it is worth noting that green tea just comprises a marginal amount of caffeine. That is in contrast to other caffeinated drinks. The typical cup has about 35 mg but you might have the ability to discover strains. That contains even less than that — mature leaves have a tendency to get less caffeine at them compared to younger ones.

What’s the Best Time to Drink Green Tea Before Bed?

Should you drink your cup of green tea straight before going to sleep? Then you might realize that you are having to get up at the night to use your bathroom. Therefore, according to a survey an hour before bedtime is the ideal time. So, you have the chance to go to the toilet before going to sleep.

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