Google Pixel 3 XL is finally launched. The Google Pixel 3 XL & The Google Pixel 3 had kept almost everyone waiting. As, it is out now you’ll get its full specifications in here. Moreover, some frank opinions and discussion about the awesome camera. The previous devices were mostly popular because of the camera. Interestingly, Google decided to stick with a single camera in the region of tripple cameras. At the rear is a single camera set up where as at the front we have dual camera set up. Now let us see some specs.

Google Pixel 3XL All Details


Display – 6.3 inch Quad HD+ OLED Screen with 18.5:9 Aspect Ratio and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Protection

Processor – Snapdragon 845 SOC (Octa Core)

Battery – 3430mAh with Fast Charging & even Wireless Charging

Storage – 4GB RAM & 64GB/128GB Internal Storage

Camera – 8MP + 8MP Dual Front Camera (f 1.9) & (f 2.2) Wide Angle with 12MP Rear Camera

OS – Android Pie (9)

Google Pixel 3XL All Details

Colours – Just Black, Clearly White & Not Pink

IP-68 Water and Dust Resistant

The Camera Beast

As each and every tech lover knows that the Google Pixel devices were highly known for there cameras. Everyone has very high expectations with the new device as well. Although, no doubt Google easily fulfills all the users needs very easily. Doubts are hitting the mind due to the single-camera decision by Google.

Google Pixel 3XL All Details

In my frank opinion number of cameras really doesn’t matter as Google has very nicely groomed the rear camera of theirs. Now, we’ll see some really cool features produced by Google in the camera.

  • Group-Selfie Camera – The selfie camera is a dual camera giving you a really cool feature of being able to take group selfies easily. One of the cameras is a wide angle lens allowing you to take a group selfie with ease.
  • Photobooth  – Another selfie camera feature. No more shaking your hand or hassling with your phone while taking selfies. Google gives you this really cool feature which takes a picture on its own when it detects a smile. Pretty Cool! Next time you wanna take a selfie just grab your Pixel smile and you are done.
  • Top Shot – Then best feature provided by Google. No complaints about the single camera at the back now. This feature kills every other camera feature present out there. When you open the camera and click a picture and all of sudden something happens which destroys your image or someone sneezed in between. No worries now as you open your camera even before clicking the capture button, Google takes some pictures with which you can go back to that place where you were going click the picture & easily select your favorite choice.
  • Night Sight – This will allow you to take brilliant, bright, clean and sharp images even in the dark.

Google Pixel 3XL All Details

Google Pixel Best Ever Camera provided.

Screen Call

This feature is lovely. There are times when you receive a call at a place where you cannot lift up your phone to answer it. No worries from now since the Screen Call Feature allows the phone to talk to the caller in a typed texting way, which you can easily guide the assistant.


You can even report spam through this feature. You don’t need to talk to a silly call center executive again and again.

 Shussh Feature

No more problems in putting your phone to silent mode now. Just flip your phone upside down and you are done silencing your device. Pretty Cool Huh! You can always disable this in the settings.

Keep Yourself Updated

A Google device you are definitely going to remain highly updated. Latest Android Pie Out Of The Box is provided which is highly customized and very fast. Security patch of October is also provided. Moreover, Android Q and other upcoming updates would also be surely provided.


4GB RAM & 64GB Internal Storage – 83,000/-

4GB RAM & 128GB Internal Storage – 92,000/-


The prices set are a bit high but it is a Google device, so it becomes a fully satisfactory device. You would never feel that money has been wasted. Basically, the camera features are amazing the killer glass back is awesome. It is a device with each and everything that you need. Google devices are purely reliable and Very Handy. So, to gain a good user experience and love your device buy A Google Pixel.

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