Good Things About Coronavirus

Coronavirus! It sounds ridiculous to be talking about good. This Coronavirus stinks, and it’s dreadful. Scary for everyone it has taken lives of crores.

How has the coronavirus been good to us? Full disclosure, I’m one for the positive in a circumstance. The silver linings, it’s my working mechanism. Therefore yes, I am sure lots of people are going to think “yes…but….”. There are many if and buts still we are going to discuss some of the pretty good things that happened because of this pandemic and lockdowns worldwide.

Life Slowed Due to The Coronavirus

1. Family Connection Time

Schools, offices businesses each and everything except media, pharmacies and grocery stores were shut down completely.

good things about coronavirus

However, what this meant was spending quality time with the kiddies. After long times many had family dinner together and too constantly. Playing games with father and mother again, these feelings were almost like reliving the childhood. Thank you for helping us mend this you Coronavirus.

2. Own Time without Coronavirus

All of us got the maximum time for the most important person in our lives. The person is none other than our own selves. Yes, we had a lot of time talking to ourselves. This is the thing which many of us want to have in our lives. But due to the busy schedules, miss out on self-time.

3. Breaking Routines

Having our patterns interrupted with having to take off time from work/school is actually really just a superb possibility to be mindful and determine where we have been stuck in a rut. Things to shake up and decide to try something fresh.

Frankly speaking, almost everyone broke their daily routines. From sleeping at 5 am and waking up at 11 pm, then again going to sleep, to even not sleeping at all, and even to sleeping at all times. It was kind of interesting too for many people as it was like a good and long weekend.

4. Being More Productive

After a certain time frame, most of us got well aware that the lockdown is going to go longer than expected. So, many started becoming productive too. People adopted new routines, which included waking up in time, practising meditation/yoga, exercise and worship. Online works and new start-ups engaged.

good things about coronavirus

Yes, thank you! Some of those things that are great concerning Coronvirus helped in gaining new skills!

5. Getting Over The 9-5 Mindset

Starting with school/college. That’s the way in which we presume it needs to be achieved, prepares us to the workforce and also never having to work 9-5 (or a lot even maybe more such as 8-6 nowadays ).

Since childhood, we are given the mindset of working 6 days and resting the other day. Then repeating the same thing all over again. Finally, everyone got an opportunity to break that freakin’ 9-5 mindset and give a thought on working according to themselves.

6. Cleaning Up the Mess with Coronavirus

It’s a fantastic opportunity! You are stuck at home into a number of the tasks which you have been postponing!

Cleaning up some important mess generally appears to be just one of the matters! Just a great work to pass time. Pick on a single or a shelf Shop, you’re going to receive results quicker and keep it minimal. So, it’s the best time to start to work on each and everything which was getting time after time.

We may thank coronavirus for giving time to clean up the mess and repairing certain things which were not being given time.

7. Reliving Childhood Days

We all have discovered that the perils of screen time I am convinced a lot of parents are about that as their kiddies have an elongated holiday, (I am convinced the kiddies have this one of that fantastic stuff concerning Coronavirus!)

We have made an attempt to Reduce our Family screen time. So we’re currently playing with board games and reading novels.

good things about coronavirus

That contributes to learning, research and discussions. Overall time being spent by most around hours and the display. Other has really been far more pleasurable.

8. A Clear Schedule’s Joy Due to The Coronavirus

The fact is that for people, nothing has really changed. Study in your home and work, this indicates people might need to postpone two or three tradition trips. However, it is no issue.

Many of us complain of not getting sufficient time and today we have this time around given on a plate to us. Though everyone was still working from home still people loved ditching their meetings or bluffing their presence in work. Then they went on to complete their work late nights. Having a clear schedule was indeed joyful!

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