Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to connect with people. It was launched in July 2003 as FaceMash, followed by The Facebook on February 4, 2004. Mark Zuckerberg, his college roommate, and Harvard University student Eduardo Saverin. So, let’s get into some unknown facts about Facebook & grabsomeinfo.

  • Facebook offers more than 100 languages and more than 40% of its users do not use the English language.
  • The word poke has never been defined.
  • India has the largest number of users, i.e., $260 million.
  • There are a total of $2.38 billion active users.
  • Mark Zuckerberg calls himself a graduate from Harvard University whereas he never completed his graduation(He is a college drop out).
  • It was initially bankrolled by Peter Thiel the co-founder of PayPal for $500,000.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is the most liked Facebook page with more than $122 million likes.
  • More than $2.1 billion people use this social networking website daily.
  • It was almost shut down by a lawsuit and by ConnectU who claimed that Mark stole the idea and Technology for Facebook. The problem was resolved out of the court itself.
  • More than 40 minutes per day is spent by most of the people on this website.
  • It rank #3 for websites with the highest traffic overall in the world.
  • It also carries a worth of more than $123 billion dollars at present.
  • In Australia, court notices can be served through Facebook.
  • It also makes money through advertising and virtual products.
  • Yahoo offered Facebook $1 billion dollars which were refused by Mark Zuckerburg.
  • Monthly time spent on it is more than $8.3 billion hours.
  • The social media app has also added over 400 million users in less than 2 years.
  • Women aged 55 and above are the fastest growing users on this application in the USA.
  • Over $1 billion users are only mobile users.
  • This social networking website has become so popular, that, psychologists identified a new mental health disorder called “Facebook Addiction Disorder.”




  • Uday Jain

    Posted June 20, 2019 7:19 am


  • Mansi Jain

    Posted June 20, 2019 9:12 am

    Quite interesting ?

  • Bhawna Jain

    Posted June 20, 2019 9:20 pm

    I am going to try the last one.. Blocking mark Zuckerberg ??

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