Blood Donation Guideline

Today’s world has got a very good pace of growth and every second at least 4 new babies are born around the world. On the other hand, 154,889 deaths on an average take place around the world daily and yes saving lives is a very good task or it may be the best task! So, when it comes to saving lives the most needed thing is mostly blood and many time many people lose there loved ones just because of lack of blood and lack of blood donors. Many people have a good practice of donating blood but many people are scared of that and believe that it isn’t safe but blood donation is totally safe, if performed in the right way and has many health benefits also. So, it is a thing which helps the donor and the receiver. Let us look at some advantages and disadvantages of Blood Donation.


Blood Donation Advantages

Reduces Iron Levels

Iron is very important for the human body. It helps in the production of Red Blood Cells but an excess of anything is harmful to health. Iron causes many health issues:-

  • Iron layer gets deposited on the liver and heart and causes organs malfunction.
  • Increased iron causes haemochromatosis.
  • Increased iron gets stored in the liver and pancreas and causes cirrhosis, liver failure, heart abnormalities and irregular heart rhythms.
  • It also lowers the risk of cancer.

Anybody can capture increased iron level, so in order to get cured of that blood donation is the best option. Blood Donation reduces your iron levels up to a decent extent and is really very helpful.


Identifies Adverse Health Effects

Every time a person wishes to donate blood, the doctor or the nurse performs a short blood test to check for the diseases(if any), of the blood donor, which can act as a small check-up for you and you can get informed about your body issues. The result of this blood test includes identification of blood pressure and low blood counts.

Caution: A person with low blood count is never allowed to donate blood and he/she must never try to force the doctor or the nurse to let them perform the donation. If the doctor ignores the low blood count detail, then it is the responsibility of the donor to take care of the action. That is why it is strongly recommended that one should always have a look at the blood test report and must have a snap of discussion with him/her.


Feels Good

How would you feel if you just saved someone from dying in front of you? Obviously, the answer’s gonna be Fantastic! Definitely, if a person saves someone’s life then he/she gotta feel happy. Yes, after blood donation the feeling is somewhat the same. You didn’t save someone’s life in front of your eyes but someday your blood will be used for the same. The feeling after blood donation is just awesome.

Burns Calories

No offence! But all the fat people or the ones who want to reduce their weights, you people got good news. Yes, it is true that blood donation burns calories. It is definitely something to feel happy about because it will help you with weight loss. This totally makes sense as 1 unit of blood comes out of your body directly.


Blood Donation also cures you of Cardiovascular diseases and it enhances new blood cells.

Last but the not the least mostly blood donation is TOTALLY FREE.

Blood Donation Disadvantages

When we talk about safety, yes blood donation perfectly safe but always only if performed in a clean way. Some blood banks in the corner use used needles for the donation purpose which can surely cause infections. Due to which the guideline always says that visit a certified blood donation camp or a good hospital only for this purpose. Everything is always for the safety of the donor.


Some Basic Side Effects

  • Dizziness
  • Feeling Faint
  • Light Headedness
  • Nausea

All the above-mentioned problems go away easily within a span of 3 days. If anything like this happens to you then don’t need to worry just have a good amount of milk and have some rest if the effects increase.


Eligibility Criteria

Only people having their age lying between 18 and 60years and with body weight of more than 45kgs can donate blood. One can donate 350ml of blood at a time and then after a span of at least 8 weeks(56 days).



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