Dangerous Apps for Android Smartphone

Dangerous apps for the android smartphone include a lot of them. The article consists of the most dangerous ones. Here, are the top 10 most popular apps which harm your smartphone without you getting information about that. The most important thing to keep in mind includes. There is a complete method with which the app manufactures can get hold of personal data.

As soon as the new application is installed on the smartphone, a dangerous pop-up arrives, asking for access to the phone gallery, location, contacts, audio etc. If an app is installed for listening to music, it needs access to the audio. Else, it wouldn’t be able to play music. But, the problem arrives when a game applications ask access to the contact list, gallery and even location many-a-times, which is completely not done. Many people are still unaware of the fact that also if specific unnecessary permissions are denied to the application, it still works.

dangerous apps

There are some instances in which people blindly grant all the permissions asked by the app, which is pretty dangerous for the smartphone. One needs to go through the pop-up and grant the permission if necessary. As, once the user provides the consent, we don’t know where the data can be shared or tracked by the coder in the backend. These were some necessary but essential things which still many people don’t know. Read further for the dangerous apps.

1. UC-Browser

UC Browser is a Chinese internet browser created by the Singapore/China-based cellular online firm UCWeb, which is in turn owned by the Alibaba Group. It had been more popular than Google Chrome in several of Asia’s fastest-growing markets such as India and Indonesia, but it’s been decreasing in popularity.

It was initially launched in April 2004 as a J2ME-only program. It’s available on several applications such as Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Java ME, Symbian, Windows Phone, and Microsoft Windows. UC Browser has been declared to be the 8th most downloaded mobile program of a decade, from 2010 to 2019.

dangerous apps

This browser is highly unsafe and has got a lot of security issues. dangerous appsThis is because once installed on the smartphone, and it takes access to almost each and everything present on the device. A browser does not need so many details to work. It has got a massive list of unnecessary required permissions list. One of them includes “adjust wallpaper size” though it doesn’t matter much, but with that being said! One can understand how useless permissions the app demands.

It leaks all the personal information on the user’s phone and sends it to its Chinese servers. Due to which the data can be misused, and the device may also get hacked. This makes the app one of the most dangerous apps that has a place on the smartphone.

If a person has got this app on their smartphone. It is highly recommended to uninstall it right away and use the Google Chrome browser instead, or Mozilla Firefox. These two browsers being the best in this business.

2. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is a web browser for the Android and iOS operating systems developed by MoboTap. It had been among the very first choice browsers for its Android platform which introduced support for user-friendly gestures. Dolphin Browser utilizes its native system’s default engine, allowing it to get a small disk drive. It may run Adobe Flash on Android.

Though the dolphin browser provides gestures and ad-free experience up to a certain extent, it has got the same problems as that of the UC Browser. It also demands unnecessary permissions, steals data, and sends it to the Chinese servers. Moreover, it even tracks the user’s locations and activities in the incognito tab. It is making the incognito tab feature useless. The complete application is futile, anyway.

dangerous apps

If a person has got this app on their smartphone. It is highly recommended to uninstall it right away and use the Google Chrome browser instead, or Mozilla Firefox. These two browsers being the best in this business.

3. Treacherous Zoom App

It enables you to virtually interact with co-workers or companies when in-person meetings are not possible. This makes telecommuting seem far more individual, as it allows you to feel connected. Zoom is now a vital instrument for small-, medium-, and large-sized teams which are looking to stay in touch and keep on with their daily workflows with minimal disturbance – and becoming a firm favourite with folks.

Zoom gained a sudden and a lot of popularity after the worldwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Due, to the unavailability of appropriate resources for online meetings and classes on the Internet, Zoom gained a lot of users. But since it wasn’t prepared for so many users at once. It got hacked, and that too several times! Following are the list of countries who have banned Zoom app:-

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Ukraine

dangerous apps

Many more countries are planning to the same, as it is a severe issue. Many professional firms being highly aware of this enormous drawback are continuing to use the application just because of some handful of extra features. But, the person using this application, sacrificing their data and useful bank details kept in the phone or the PC. Zoom claims that they have updated their services which makes the platform completely safe. But even then it was again hacked several times.

So, one needs to uninstall the app as soon as possible from the device to keep themselves safe from hackers and to keep the personal data safe. Alternatives are always there, after the common lockdown situations, in no time google was ready with their Google Meet App. Any service from Google has to be the best for now.

4. Dangerous Battery Saver Apps

Everyone needs a long-lasting battery life on their smartphones. But, there tons of fake apps on the play store that promise to provide a fast-charging feature on the smartphone once installed. This is entirely ridiculous; fast charge is a hardware feature which can’t be implemented via external Softwares.

Moreover, many apps claim to save your battery life on the phone. This is also wholly shit; they provide a sticky notification bar on the notification panel which takes up even more battery. They just do a simple task of cleaning apps in the RAM in a tremendous animated and innovative way, and that can quickly be done manually.

dangerous apps

Those apps would just decease the battery instead of increasing. So, if a person has these apps, they are highly recommended to uninstall them right now. The alternative is the newly designed android system, which is smart enough to provide with the best battery life possible. So, no need for any third-party battery saver application.

5. Dangerous Phone Booster Apps

Kind-of is similar to the battery saver apps. The only difference is that they claim to speed up the android smartphone on installation. But, the same function is provided by them too, that is, they slow down the android smartphone instead of boosting or speeding it up.

So, it is again highly recommended to uninstall them right now. The alternative is the newly designed android system yet, which is smart enough to provide with the best speed possible. So, no need for any third-party phone booster apps.

6. Dangerous Antiviruses Apps

There is no need for the android smartphone to have a third-party antivirus app. These days android system very well optimized, smart and provides protective features with proper security. The battery saver apps, phone booster apps and antivirus apps are similarly and collectively the most useless in the google play store.

So, one must uninstall them as they might also steal personal information as they get access to the complete device to scan it! Leave these tasks to the android system and use the inbuilt features of the invention, and a person is right to go.

7. WeChat

It is a portable voice and text messaging communication agency developed by Tencent in China, initially released in January 2011. WeChat has over 700 million downloads, with 300 million active users. This makes it among the most common social programs on earth, and a legitimate competitor to WhatsApp and Viber.

WeChat again being a Chinese production it stands amongst the list of harmful and dangerous apps. This is because it also demands permission for unnecessary stuff, steals the personal user data and sends it to the Chinese government. It also acts as a great messenger for relevant confidential data of the user.

dangerous apps

Same message for this app too. Yes, rightly guessed, uninstall the application right now. No, it does not provide any unique feature that one can’t find in the best alternatives, Whatsapp and Telegram. So, uninstall it now!

8. Facebook

Yes, rightly read. Why Facebook amongst the list of most dangerous apps for android? Facebook ruled the social media world very actively and nicely for a considerable period. But now, slowly it is losing popularity, just because of its security purposes. It was accused several times on stealing personal data and leaking it to inappropriate places/companies.

Facebook even records the voice of the user and others around. This happens with user’s phone microphone very quickly. It does that, sends it to its servers and then shows matching ads of the topic. It can Facebook ad or Google ad. This ultimately means that there isn’t any sought security and trust left out for the billion-dollar company anymore! Due to which there is a high-risk factor connected with that as Whatsapp & Instagram, both the highly popular apps are now owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

dangerous apps

Moreover, it slows down the smartphone altogether. It uses a lot of processing power and drains out all the battery. It needs all that to function 24/7.

But, still, it is a great advertising platform as it has got a lot of audiences. So, one can’t just give up on the application so easy. Alternatives are always there. No, no need to switch platforms this time. Simply uninstall Facebook and install Facebook Lite application. It takes less power, battery and because of being lite has fewer security risks.

9. Shareit

One of the most popular file transfer apps hits the top most dangerous apps for smartphones. This happens because of it being Chinese and the ruined interface. Previously, the app used to be the best for transfer of data via iOS, Windows or Android. But, over some time, the user experience has become entirely horrible. It shows inappropriate ads and promotes ridiculous apps.

Moreover, according to the current situation(Covid-19 Pandemic), no one should trust China at any cost. No one knows if this app also steals the data and sends it to the Chinese govt.

So, it is recommended to uninstall the application and move on to the most trustable platform Google. That means switch to Files Go, by google for sharing files.

10. Cam-Scanner

The most portable scanner. Cam-scanner made life so easy, but the same old story pops up for this Chinese application too. It can harm your stuff very quickly. Here’s how! All the essential and confidential passports, adhaar cards and pan cards type stuff is scanned on this app. If it makes a copy of it share it somewhere where it shouldn’t have been then definitely the person is going to be in trouble.

Why not uninstall the application the switch to Adobe Scan, which does not even provide watermarks!

dangerous apps

The Conclusion to The Dangerous Apps

This wraps up the blog for the most dangerous apps for your smartphone. Go, uninstall them now and grab the replacement from the play store immediately. You are going to love them. Stay tuned for the next blog, which would be stating the first essential applications for the smartphone—that one must-have.

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