Best thing on Earth is to have a good night’s sleep. But do you really know that you can easily enhance that sleeping experience by knowing the right and best direction of sleep!

You might have even encountered advice regarding feng shui, Vastu shastra and their guiding principles in body posture as you are sleeping.

Both of them have different histories, but their principles are comparable. The way distances are developed for individuals can either help or harm your wellbeing.

So, as you go further you will learn about both the histories, on which is the best direction to sleep.

Best Direction to Sleep

Each practice can also be based upon the four directions (north, south, east, and west), in addition to the five Big elements of Character:

  • Air
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Space

While there is more to feng shui and Vastu shastra past sleep hygiene, the two clinics maintain the belief that how that you lie down at night can change your overall sleep quality and wellness.

Best Direction To Sleep As per Vastu shastra

Vastu shastra is largely concerned with space. That is the reason why scientific principles are commonly accommodated in Indian architectural usage and layout.

If it comes to sleeping positions, it is considered that space (“panch bhutas”) directly interacts with the wind, sunlight, and other components to influence our well-being.

A Lady Sleeping on A White Pillow

The recommended sleeping direction per Vastu shastra is you lie down with your head pointed southward.

A north-to-south body place is regarded as the worst direction. That is because the individual mind is deemed to have a polar-like attachment, also it requires to the face being southward to engage opposite poles as you are sleeping.

Specific Direction to Sleep

The most positive sleep direction is East. It raises focus, memory, and also brings quality sleep which causes you to feel refreshed. Your mind management whilst sleeping east is a supply of electricity in Vastu. It’s a sleeping direction that’s recharging and will be able to assist you to resolve internal conflicts by enabling your body to experience whole rest and recuperation.

If you are sleeping with head facing west then you might be a success-driven individual, trying to find prosperity and fame. In Vastu, guest bedrooms possess the mattress facing west so that the guest will have restless sleep, not overstay their welcome. Sleeping facing west might not suit everybody as confronting east does.

Is it effective

Sleep is crucial to your general health and wellbeing, so it is when your body repairs itself, shops thoughts, and energizes your body and mind for another day of action.

Vastu teaches your sleeping management should be in correlation with the magnetic attraction of the planet. You’re surrounded with energy and you’re made from energy, so striking a harmonious balance with the flow of energy and being aware of your sleeping management could bring some unexpected advantages.

A lady sleeping with eye mask

The advantages of Vastu shastra sleeping management need more clinical financing. But some investigators note that the advantages of molecular principles on individual health all around. Vastu shastra practitioners feel that sleeping with your head pointed south lessens the danger of elevated blood pressure.

Some sleeping Recommendations from vastu shastra

Vastu shastra is much more concerned with electromagnetic energies on your sleep health, as reflected in Indian architectural principles. As such (and as mentioned previously ), you shouldn’t sleep with your head pointing northward, according to top professionals.

The Recommendations Include:

  • painting the walls light colors, like Cream, White, or light earth tones
  • Preventing mirrors facing Before the Mattress
  • Shutting Doors and Windows in the Area
  • Keeping electronics from your Area
  • Eliminating clutter out of the bedroom

Best direction to sleep according to feng shui

Much like Vastu shastra, feng shui is worried about your sleeping area concerning total sleep quality. But this practice is much more concerned with the components on your area and their consequences on chi (energy) flow over the way you sleep.

A man yawning with pillow and alarm clock in hand

Historical practitioners of feng shui prefer southward energy, simply due to China’s natural climate where you are able to experience warm winds in the south east.

Some sleeping Recommendations from feng shui

Feng shui is mostly concerned with the flow of energy through your living area and preventing obstructions. Besides averting doors and windows in which you sleep, here are some other sleeping suggestions according to the ancient practice:

  • Maintain bookshelves and mirrors from This Guide line of your Mattress
  • Make Sure That Your bed is against the wall (not under windows) and is N’t freestanding in the middle of the bedroom
  • keep electronics out of This bedroom
  • Put your Mattress on the opposite side of the Door
  • Prevent More clutter around your sleeping Area, Such as Novels and toiletries
Woman sleeping in mosquito net

Other fundamentals of feng shui include colour schemes which identity with distinct life energies. Therefore, some People Today paint the walls of the bedroom so:

  • red for south west (flame ) for celebrity and Decent standing
  • black or blue (water) for career and life span
  • whitened for west (alloy ) for imagination and kids
  • Green for east (timber ) for household and Wellness

Best Direction to Sleep Scientifically

If you are in the northern hemisphere the ideal way to sleep soundly is east. Living in harmony with your surroundings is the basis of feng shui sleeping management, feng shui mattress management, and sleeping posture Vastu.

Historical Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra customs are still in place now because residing in a calm balance with nature a part of the shared human heritage. Sleep management science suggests that a head pointed east enables blood flow to flow freely.

You might have known of the sleeping facing north-west myth. But a Hindu tradition would be to put the dead person with their mind pointing northward since the spirit takes this route to paradise.

Finally, THE Best Sleeping Direction & Some Ultimate Sleeping Tips

Do Not sleep with the soles of your feet pointing in the door, This Is the Way a corpse is Pulled from a Space and Thought of That a bad Fortune position

Woman Yawning after waking up in the morning
  • Keep electronics from the bedroom
  • If You’re Able to see your reflection in a mirror when sitting in bed, then move the mirror.
  • Clear all clutter out of your room, Particularly Beneath the Mattress
  • Bring a Few green houseplants to your bedroom, bringing Character inside will have a calming effect
  • Permit fresh air to flow Throughout your bedroom Daily

About the best sleeping direction personally, I believe that it can be any direction. As I really don’t believe in all the above mentioned ancient culture and all. So, suggest the body needs rest! So, just go to the bed and sleep. How the hell can the position matter.

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