Jeera(cumin) water is something which is quite healthy, nutritious and benefits in weight loss too. Many people have successfully used this natural cure and benefitted positively.

Are you too here to search for the benefits jeera water has got to offer? Then this the right place where you have landed as there will be a piece of in-depth information on the benefits of jeera water.

Benefits of Jeera(Cumin) Water

Cumin, or jeera, is a millennium-old spice which leaves an unmistakable, exceptional taste in your mouth. A sprinkle or two adds a spoonful worthy of a kick and a punch right into virtually any dish. Leaving its distinctive combination of aromatic tang and punchy heat inside.

Jeera on Table with Water

Jeera includes a surprisingly strong rusty taste that goes right through your entire body. In mainstream science, jeera is known to contain thymol. A chemical that stimulates the pancreas to make enzymes and bile. This property improves overall digestion of carbohydrates and fats in the body.

To top it off, only a whiff of jeera comprises cumin aldehyde. This chemical, when only sniffed, rouses the digestive enzymes in your body and activates your salivation impulse. Just sniffing jeera prepares your body and soul to get a satisfying round of tasty food.

Jeera Water May Benefit Your Stomach

One of the most famous jeera water uses. The highly effective anti-gas chemicals within protect the body against irritable bowel disease and interrupts gas, and burps in a flash. It ought to be first on the list of everybody looking for a simple, quick remedy for their stomach woes.

According to Dr Ashutosh Gautam, Jeera water benefits the bloating and acidity and gives relief from stomach upset. It acts as a painkiller and can be especially beneficial in curing stomach pain and abdominal pain.” Cumin water normally stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and also accelerates the digestion process, thus helping you fight gut issues.

Jeera & Jeera Powder

It promotes pancreatic enzymes which help in the digestion process. A chemical called thymol found in cumin stimulates salivary glands. This further eases the digestive process by boosting the breakdown of complex nutrients such as sugar, fat and carbohydrates, for easy gut function. This helps combat problems such as ibuprofen, diarrhoea, and nausea.

Jeera Water May Fight Diabetes

Jeera water is perfect for individuals who have diabetes. It is possible to drink it on an empty stomach to decrease glucose levels,” suggests Dr Ashutosh Gautam. Cumin seeds provoke insulin production in the human body, which will help keep the glucose in check. Jeera water enhances insulin sensitivity and benefits to diabetic patients. It prevents abrupt spikes in glucose levels and so aids in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Jeera Water for Boosting Immunity

Dr Manoj K. Ahuja, Fortis Hospital states, Jeera is an exceptional source of iron and dietary fibre. It’s essential to drink jeera water to maintain the normal functionality which benefits the immunity system. It combats diseases and reduces your odds of falling ill.

Jeera water benefits

The abundance of vitamin C, iron and dietary fibre in cumin makes it an ideal addition within an immunity-boosting diet. This flavorful spice also comes with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Thus, regular consumption of jeera water to weight loss will also boost your overall health by fighting off seasonal phobias such as cold and cough.

Extracts of cumin seeds are rich in polyphenols and many other chemicals that prevent oxidative stress inside the body. These not only detoxify the body by removing toxins from your system but also enhance your immunity.

Jeera Water for Regulating Blood Pressure

Jeera water is high in potassium content. Potassium is a key mineral that the body is based on for proper function. It will help to regulate blood pressure by balancing out the negative ramifications of salt. And Jeera water is high in potassium” states Dr Manoj K. Ahuja.

Jeera water will help to decrease blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol levels in our body. This keeps our heart shielded from various illness.

Jeera Water during Pregnancy

Jeera is a mythical herbal remedy the world over for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness. It’s touted to decrease the pain, constipation, bloating, flatulence, insomnia during pregnancies and may even facilitate easier childbirth.

GERD is a frequent complaint of pregnant women, as the greater stress in the abdominals results in acid indigestion and reflux by taking the infant. The carminative, or gas-relieving properties of jeera water supply serious aid in a simple, quick way which could be bothersome during an otherwise tough pregnancy.

Jeera water for pregnant women

Jeera water improves digestion during pregnancy, as it acts as a stimulator for the enzymes that are necessary for the digestion of fats and carbohydrates,” states, Dr Sood. Cumin seeds are magic spices that are said to give relief to the to-be mother from many pregnancy-related issues.

The strain of childbirth and carrying a child may spike blood pressure. The high potassium and magnesium in jeera water provide beneficial electrolytes that allow your heart to do its own work easily.

Jeera Water May Benefit Skin

Jeera water includes antioxidants, is antimicrobial and detoxes our physique. Each of these factors contribute to glowing and healthy skin. It prevents acne and protects the skin from diseases. In addition, it will help to lighten scar marks.

It includes high levels of potassium, calcium, selenium, aluminium and manganese that help in rejuvenating the skin. Use a face bunch of jeera water with garlic to find that glow you have always desired. Dr Gautam states Jeera water is very important for maintaining your skin soft, smooth and supple.

Jeera Water for Weight Loss

Jeera water enhances the body mass index and insulin sensitivity with constant, moderate doses away from the laboratory, and is clinically proven to do this within the laboratory too.

Only a tsp has 5 calories. These 7 calories tend to be more densely packed with nourishment than other foods. Exercising on an empty stomach is really a strain on a lot of stomachs, but sipping on jeera water prior to going to a morning workout routine manages the possible acidity difficulties and keeps you hydrated and calm for a fantastic workout.

Jeera water for weight loss

The battle for losing weight is a lengthy one. Nonetheless, these wonderful jeera water benefits make it the greatest weight loss drink.

This is likely to produce the detox water attractive to your taste buds, in addition to your weight reduction objectives.

Jeera Water May Help Fight Cancer

Jeera water contains anti-carcinogenic properties. It reduces the probability of a variety of cancers. It also prevents metastasis, that’s spreading of cancer to other parts within the body.

Jeera is medically proven to stop free radicals from causing harm with its potent scavenging abilities. Health begins in the intestine, also jeera contains compounds which promote liver wellness and stimulate digestive enzymes. It helps your body to acquire more nutrition from food so that it can work naturally to detox and heal you better.

Jeera Water for Anti-Inflammation

According to the book ‘Healing Foods’ from DK publishing, cumin is full of anti-inflammatory antioxidants and is known to be antiseptic and antibacterial. It can address a number of your stomach phobias, strengthen digestive tract, alleviate nausea, and constipation and bloating. Various studies have demonstrated that obesity is a psychiatric illness.

Therefore, sipping jeera water may prevent the start of inflammation-induced obesity.

Jeera water

The thymoquinone contained inside the jeera is protective of their liver. This single compound is so strong it’s researchers hurrying to successfully extract the chemical within and promote it through capsules to boost digestion.

It gets the chemical in a secure, easy, simple to prepare way that’s natural and features no unknown or mysterious side effects.

Jeera Water May help in Treating Anaemia

Cumin seeds are rich in iron. Iron is required for the formation of haemoglobin in the blood vessels, and this is additionally essential for the transfer of oxygen in our body. Drinking jeera water regularly can help to prevent and decrease the symptoms of anaemia.

Dr Ahuja, Fortis Hospital says, Iron is among the most crucial vitamins and plays a key role in the proper operation of the human body. Cumin contains high amounts of iron and assists in treating anaemia. You are able to drink jeera water to fight severe iron deficiency.

How to Make Jeera(Cumin) Water?

What can be the perfect way to make Jeera water? Further ahead get the best way to make the highly effective Jeera Water.

The best advantage of it is the simplicity with which you may produce a glass. Allow me to show you a quick, simple technique of enjoying a glass of beer water in minutes.

How to make jeera water


  • Collect a spoonful or two jeera.
  • Collect 2 cups of water in a pan.


  • To prepare the jeera water first, begin heating the water in a pan and toss a spoonful or two of jeera right into it.
  • Wait a while until the water starts to boil and allow the jeera to steep into it for an hour or so to be sure the beer is suitably infused into the water.
  • Switch off the flame and strain the water. Sip your beer water in leisure and enjoy every sip.
  • That’s all for today. For the best results, enjoy it in an empty stomach in the mornings, and ingesting it at night keeps the acid reflux away.
  • For a much more delicious beverage, add a pinch of cinnamon, ginger, and honey into a jeera water. You seriously won’t repent it.

Jeera Water Side Effects

Consumed wrongly, with all the incorrect quantity of jeera, does have its own side effects. The dose makes the poison, so be certain to steer clear of excess jeera no matter how tempted you get to include more and more. Moderation is key here. What are the potential negative effects of swallowing jeera? .

Rapid Lowering of Blood Sugar Levels

Jeera has a profound ability to reduce blood glucose levels because of the nutrients it contains inside. Diabetics and pregnant girls particularly, take note. Never take too much at the same time, and always back off and enjoy your beverage with less jeera if in doubt.

Jeera Water for Blood Sugar

Your healthcare provider might recommend that you decrease or stop drinking jeera water through pregnancies or if you have diabetes, and that’s 1 thing you should never disobey.

Ask your health care provider if jeera water is all right for you. Most people with normally okay health may consume jeera safely without any side effects.

Jeera May Hamper Breast Milk Production

Your medical provider might advise you to stay away from jeera. There is a rare but possible condition where excessive amounts of jeera could result in lower production of breastfeeding. If you suspect that is the case, stop jeera water immediately and consult your physician.

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