How to Increase the Battery Life of Smartphone

One of the most wanted topics, on how to increase the battery life of the smartphone. Big batteries & fast charging have really become common nowadays. As we are having more than 4500mAh battery life on an average in every smartphone. Plus, even 65W charging bagged inside the box. In front of all this, as everyone knows, the human being wants extra and more. Here, I’ll be giving out certain points and explanations on how one must charge his/her smartphone, to increase the life of the battery.

What are Charge Cycles?

This is something really important that one must know. The battery and smartphone manufacturers say that after 400 complete charge cycles, the battery’s life gets decreased by 20 per cent. Now the question arises what is a single charge cycle? When a phone is charged from 0 to 100 per cent, that becomes a full 1 charge cycle.

Best Battery Life Smartphone

Another question might arise, that what about on charging the phone partially, that is, 30 or 50 or 70 per cent. Answers to that it is called half charge cycle. Then later when the battery is taken back to 100 per cent is a full charge cycle. So, at the end of this one can easily understand that it is better to charge the device partially.

How Much to Charge for Better Battery Life!

If you were to consider the battery to be a human being. Then I’ll tell you its moods according to the charging percentage.

  • It is happiest at 50 per cent.
  • At 10-15 per cent or even at 90-95 or even at 100 per cent it is stressed, meaning it does not feel too good at those points.

So, it is best to do partial charging instead of taking it up to 100 or even 90-95. That too needs to be done in a properly maintained manner. Still, it is as simple as solving 2+2! Just go according to the following:-

Best Battery Life Smartphone

  • Always put the phone on charging when it has come down to 18-20 per cent. Don’t let it reach 5-10 or lower than that.
  • Next as already said, take it up to 80-85 per cent that’s it. Done.

Fast Charging (How Good it is for the Life of Smartphone Battery?)

One of the most beautiful thing that would be thinking to have in their smartphone, Fast Charging! Saves a lot of time isn’t it! But it isn’t as cool as it appears to be, I say this because:-

  • As I have discussed earlier that heat is the biggest enemy of a smartphone, now may that be for its own life or battery life.
  • Fast charging generates a lot of heat which is not at all very good.
  • It can be used but not as a habit of using it always.
  • Charging the smartphone with a slow charger would increase the battery life.
  • Using a fast charger is okay but should not be used all the time. Normal charging is always good for the battery.
  • Some extra points to include for a better battery, try to charge the phone after removing the back cover/case. That avoid excessive heating.
  • Overnight charging, this is done by the majority of people. Again, this activity should be avoided with fast chargers. Though nothing would happen but not a really good practice with the fast brick.

Original Importance

One of the most important point to be considered and remembered for the life of the battery. Only and only the original chargers that come up with the smartphone should be used for charging. Third-party market chargers should never be used for the charging of the phone.

Best Battery Life Smartphone

It is really bad for the battery and it ruins it too. The same thing goes with the cable too. Use the original charger and original cable always for good battery life.

The Atmosphere for Better Battery Life

There are times when the mood of a person changes according to the atmosphere or the surroundings he/she is living in. The same thing applies to the battery too. Extreme hot or extreme low conditions don’t suit the battery much. For instance, a person living in Toronto charging his/her phone somewhere outside where the temperature is extremely cold. Is a pretty bad idea similarly a person charging his/her phone in extreme sunlight is again a bad intention.

Some Important Points to Increase Battery Life Easily

AMOLED screens a slowly becoming common on almost every range of smartphone. Though this is good for us as consumers they literally consume a lot of battery. Obviously, that is the reason it gives so good viewing experience. The following points will help in saving a lot of battery!

  • Use a dark or black wallpaper. Whenever there is something black on a screen, No battery is consumed there.
  • Brightness another thing that takes a lot of battery. Auto-brightness is fine but that also drinks a lot of battery. Best is to manually adjust brightness.

Best Battery Life Smartphone

There yet some more things that one must keep in mind to increase their smartphone battery life really easy.

  • Software Updates, many of them are not as good as they seem to be, sometimes they Putin bugs. So, its better to search for certain update and if it seems fine then only should be done.
  • Almost every time I emphasise on enlightening to not to use Heavy Apps like Facebook and tik tok. They have got their lite versions, which must be used to prevent excessive battery loss.
  • Screen Timeout, many being unaware of its importance. This must be set at 30 seconds or a minute so that when you forget to lock your phone after 30 seconds the screen goes off on its own.
  • Battery Saver, the Saviour, yes available on every smartphone. It shuts down unnecessary antennas and GPS extra to save battery.
  • Even in my previous blogs, I have already discussed on why not to use, Useless Battery Savers.


In the end even if after following the above techniques and keeping a proper check on the battery things aren’t going your way. The best solution is to get the Battery Replacedyes the only final way is this. Moreover, don’t go for local third party chargers strictly use original batteries.

Best Battery Life Smartphone

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