Sunday, April 2, 2023


Welcome! I am Happy to Have You Here on My Prestigious Website GRABSOMEINFO.COM. My name is Samyak Jain, The Only Owner of This Website. Writing Content Since 2018.

By Profession I am a Blogger, Web-Designer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Digital Marketer and I am Indian.


I won’t discuss my education here as I don’t believe that is so important. I am educated enough to write, talk and explain things. Apart from these things I would like to tell you about myself and my prestigious website. So, as you know about my professional skills, I would like to tell you about my hobbies and some personal things that I love to do. Apart from blogging, I love to watch cricket(Big fan of Virat Kohli), movies and reading books.


Moreover, if I were to tell you about my history, I used to be a very shy and introverted kind of person back in my school days. I used to remain all alone many a-times as nobody used to talk to me and I also did not take much pain to do so. But then as I grew up, changed myself, got some great friends. After my school days I changed myself a lot because change is the only constant, I realized. The change helped me a lot, I slept better, I ate better and I started to be happier. Then came to me in 2018.


I started this website in July 2018, intending to write about tech, facts, science, health etc or about any trending topics around the globe and enlighten everyone about what is going on around them.

But as I went forward with my site, I realized that there has to be one single topic to focus upon properly. So, I can give knowledge, information, and data nicely to my audience and have a proper focus. As I moved ahead in 2021, I decided to make your own GRABSOMEINFO.COM website related to health care topics only. Now, this website tries to cover almost all the queries of the search visitors via blog posts. I promise that I will continue to write on the trending health topics and solving your queries.


Well, the biggest task is writing content, it is not really easy to write almost every day to publish. Yes, I do write blogs daily but I don’t publish them on a daily basis. New blogs are published every alternate day.

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